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When I finally get a hold of you Im gonna hold your hands behind your back as i go in and out of your dripping pussy.


Are you regurgitatig at me Harlequin novels or where exactly did you pickup this bit of erotica expression? On the streets of Santa Monica?

Kick my heels up and (Shout!)
Throw my hands up and (Shout!)
Throw my head back and (Shout!)
Come on now  ..... 

you know that song by Little Richard? Sealed that's what we get in southern california, southern charm and gentlemanly manners Yell  are you offering performance guarantees? what else can you do? 

Phewwww we are gonna meet five seconds after you lay these lines on me? I am used to guys who date me online for a couple of months (longer if they are average or show signs of undesirable personality traits) where I kick them around, test their wits and patience before I agree to meeting them in person with a friend so I can be sure you are not some pretty face with a rapist mindset.  It'll be a while, if you cant do it no need to go any further.  You should prepare yourself to the possibility you and I may not hit off in a week or so and will not make a love connection.  OKAY?!!!

@selenadiaz97 I was raped by my friends older brother when i was 8 so i understand your concern. Id never put anyone through that. Its gonna be a bit difficult to speak sexy after thinking about that but ive been over it and i dont consider it my first time. Ive only been to dance clubs to keep an eye on friends and drive. I was 16 years old in october 2014. My sister invited her friend(20yo) lets call her J to sleep over. My sisters shared a room so there was no space for J. I had a bed under my bed that slid out so she slept there. We were watching irobot and it mustve aroused or bored her because she turned to look up at me and asked if im awake. I said yeah whats up. She said im cold can i sleep in your bed? I said uhhh sure. So i scooted over and she hopped in really close to me basically spooning. I became aroused and soon enough i was poking her lowere back she reached aound and said whats this huh? I just chuckled nervously. She turned around and kissed me rubbing and stroking my dick through my shorts. We were making out for a few minutes before she pull my dick out and her pjs down. Then she pressed up against me and my dick was in between her upper thighs and labia. Felt like it was melting. She then turned around and we on our side, missionary, cowgirl until we both came a few times then fell asleep in a wet bed. Kind of awkward in the morning but it was good. Im running late because i had to rewrite this after it was deleted by closing the app otherwise i wouldve wrote it like a novel or something... your turn.

I gotta say I love the fact you were 16 and she was 20? so technically she was mentoring you in sex, was this some one time thing or how long did it last?  I asked you about LA sex clubs do you know any in our town? can you recommend a couple?  I also asked you how many girls have you been with thus far?  When was your most recent sex date?  what was she like? was she latina? white? was she average looking or in super athletic shape? what was did she do (job, education, career)?  it's okay if she was a fast date, I am in the fast lane sometimes too, adds to the fun if you are not the traditional conservative date.  I got tons of other questions on this subject but I will leave some for a much later time.

@selenadiaz97 I think the toxic masculinity you've detected is a bad habit i developed by posturing due to the lack of a father figures validation, bad influences, and sexual assault avoidance. im sure i dont have to ask you to slap it out of me but i will thank you....  Anyway, I dont remember any clubs im bad with names and locations especially in urban areas. J was just a one time thing. She told me not to tell anyone because it was technically statutory rape but I dont care and apparently nobody else does. Ive been with about 12 girls. My last time was last week. A friend and i went hiking because ot was my bday and we fucked in the woods. Shes pretty fit. Similar hight and body fat and weight maybe as me but a bit smaller id say shes like 130 25% body fat. Shes a white latin mutt like me. Mexican and german. Shes worked at Holister but shes on unemployment now making more and im kinda jealous but i digress. Are you gonna tell me about yourself?

@Whothephukaml My first time I was 18 and he was 27, a Spaniard I met while in Valencia visiting family friends, he was so nice, cool and spoke really bad English with a charming Spanish accent so unlike our US-Mexican dialects. He offered to be our guide, my sister and I, as he was a friend of the family we were visiting. 

He showed us around Valencia, he took us out to nightclubs, it was incredible, and he was terribly good at flirting, he never pushed at anything like he knew his company would be welcome to me, he was super super sexy I mean hot, male model caliber.  I guess my sister wasn’t as taken with him as I was.  So we went out dancing one night and then drove off to a secluded beach late at night.  There was a lookout point over the beach, a wooden set of benches and straw laden roof. 

He brought with him a soft padded blanket and a cooler plus a portable music player.  We sat there listening to the waves, cooling off and talking about what a lousy dancer he was.  

It was a huge change of scene from Valencia.  He started to talk about a story he once heard about this region and then his voice kept getting lower and quieter till he was whispering in my ear.  I turned and saw he was looking intently at me, his hands went to caress my face and the other one slipped over my thigh stroking it, and going deeper with each stroke. I was about to pull away but for some reason I didn’t, I smiled encouragingly at him.  He drew nearer, kissed me softly at first then started to really caress my lips and lick them with his.  Meanwhile his hand had waded into my panties and was now fingering me, I was a virgin so my hymen was unbroken. 

My knees were squeezing his hand but he was barely touching me.  He started caressing me slowly and nudging me on top of him.  I told him I was a virgin and he smiled and nodded.  I started to slowly slide his hard cock in, and I was getting hotter and more aroused at the sensations but I was unable to really enjoy myself and I was worried that he wasn’t either, but he just kept smiling and gently caressing me, I eventually lowered myself completely on his hard shaft and gasped in pain and pleasure. 

He stopped rocking me and was looking at me intently, he brushed my hair and asked if I was okay, did I want to stop?  I nodded yes.  He slid his cock from my vagina and let me caress it.  He turned then and rubbed my shoulders, my breasts till I relaxed a bit and then started kissing and playing with my hard nipples, his hand reached to my ass and caressed the outer area softly in slow semi circles, it was very pleasant but by then my arousal state had simmered. 

We stayed there for an hour caressing and listening to the waves.  He dropped me off at our friends’ house and I waited a week before rejoining him for a more intense and complete make-out session.


I can just imagine his thexy thpanish breath rolling down my neck as he groped the limbs i use to run. Its nice that you made the right decision in trusting him. Sounds like a beautiful setting. Mine wasnt that hot to me either ( It hurt me a bit but not enough to stop, we were watching Irobot lol) It doesnt have to be special or it can be special to you... J was kind of special to me because i had known her for a couple years and i was so infatuated with her. She was so pretty and we got along so well. Anyway shes a sugar baby now and doesnt talk to me or my sister but im glad shes flying free like the angel she is... This page is kind of cluttered and hard to track but im getting used to it. Reminds me of reddit. I was gonna say it was considerate of him to ask if you want to stop but its a no brainer to pay attention to your partners reaction and act accordingly. I hate to be a Danny downer but that could've ended bad if he didn't.  I dont really know what you want to talk about other than sex but this story didnt really incline or ask me to talk sexy to you like i did in my reply to your reply to my movie reaction. I dont like to compare myself to people but i wouldve done some things differently... ive got topics and subjects for days but i remember you saying you had tons of questions so ill let you shoot. 

why else would I let him kiss me, let alone be my first? I asked the staff to append a photo I sent them of me and him at a beach party.  Are we getting jealous?  So J was a fast ride, who was your second girlfriend that you became serious with? How long did it last? what happened?  do you have a photo of you and her?

Hmmm so it hurt you, the first time you had sex with her? your penis foreskin was bleeding because you didnt take the time for her to get aroused and wet?  How could you get hurt from sex your first time? are you circumsized?  how big is your dick? girth size when ready to go in?   Foot in Mouth

PS if you want to add a photo to your comment, look at the welcome email (sender address) and send them a request, attach a photo and hopefully within a day or so it will be posted.  Hint post your comment first so you can include a link where you want your photo posted.


I just thought that low talk move was a little weird but i guess im weird... it really sounds like a beautiful experience and hes pretty hot from what i can see. Ive never liked taking pictures i just dont think to stop the fun and capture it. I just savor the moment and cherrish the memory. (Did you suprise him with the pic or did he turn away?) . Ive always had low self esteem until recent years.

My second time was almost a year later with my girlfriend Esperanza, Espy for short. She was mexican brown hair light skin athletic We were 17. I dont have any pictures of us because i didnt have a phone and she couldnt post pictures of us because her dad didnt want her to have a boyfriend so all our photos were on here phone and she lost/broke a lot of phones. We were only together from September to November but it was quite a ride. We met in saturday school when she walked up to my group of friends asking for a lighter and i was the only one that had one so we went and smoked weed on the football field. A week or so later we both snuck out at midnight and met at our friends house. Everyone used his shed to smoke or drink or ditch school because it was easy to get in and out unnoticed. We were in there smoking a blunt sitting side by side on a bench when we got a little carried away after a shotgun hit (idk if you know but its when you transfer the smoke to your partner via kiss, they did it in the 3some scene in LOVE) We let the blunt die making out. My hand was on her belly because while kissing we shifted to an almost laying position where her shoulder was on my chest. I slid my hand down her belly into her panties and played with her clit a bit before i slowly slid my middle finger into her vagina. A few minutes of fingering and she stood up and took her pants off, so did i. She put her foot on the bench like captain morgain so i put one arm around her waist, kissed her and played with her pussy using my cock for a couple seconds, sliding my dick between her labia then pushing the tip in. She put her hand over her mouth as I slowly pushed until i was all in. I guess her leg got tired after a little bit of that because she put it down and turned around. I kissed her neck and played wither nipple while i fucked her from behind until i got tired of standing. i sat on the bench and she sat on me. She did most of the work there. After we finished we killed the rest of the blunt then i walked her home. We broke up shortly after she was expelled for fighting because it was getting really difficult to communicate and we had a lot of ideological disagreements. She was really conflicted and ended up going down a wierd path but we lost touch so ill never know.

Honestly i haven't had a serious girlfriend since. Just a bunch of tinder hook ups and a few friends with benefits that i rarely see because of distance. I guess its because ive always been kind of solitary being the only male in my immediate family. i dont go out often but im very versatile. My penis is intact and unmutilated thanks to my father. It didnt bleed my first time but it got pretty red. On my penis theres a small bridge of skin that connects the foreskin to the underside of the head. That part stretches during sex or masterbation and i had been masterbating for few years before sex so it wasnt that bad for me. I just measured my dick but i couldnt get as hard as when theres someone in front of me but it was about 6.5 inches. The diameter is almost 2 inches at its thickest. ive never measured during sex but i know it gets a little bigger. How big is your dick?

if you post a comment to me and I have to explain myself at length please dont delete it after I spend some time answering your concerns.  Not only it's rude but it's like you screwed up and then you delete your post as if you never made the comment - you dont own up to it when you delete it.  If you post it, leave it, because a week or a month later you might want to re-read it for yourself and find out you were playing a game that lost you a potential girlfriend.  Dont muck this up and I am saying it with an easy going smile.  So far you have come at me more than once with an attitude of expectations, I told you on POF do NOT get possessive or obsessive or this will ruin it for the both of us.  If I decide to go out with you in person do not assume I am your property or your girl, I might want to date others while we are dating, if that happens I will tell you beforehand.  Until the day we exchange vows a girl and a guy can go separate ways like we dont owe each other anything whatsoever.  I know many married couples who end up in divorce so even after marriage they dont become each other's property.  If you start to give me the LA latino macho attitude I will drop you like a cheap hat I bought from the swap meet.

After i was done ranting i looked at your username and i was like holy fuck im stupid and i was hoping you hadn't seen it but I* was going to bring up my stupid tirade with less detail. I really just didnt want to be talking to a kid or a dude im not trying to posture or lord. Im sorry, lets laugh at my stupid mistake


I hope you enjoy reading my reaction as much as i enjoyed watching and thinking about it.

The funny part is it was deleted without me messaging anyone or anything, right after I set it up, I was thinking what tweeks I should make to the profile, I logged off and I could not log back on.  I think there is an automated ban and I should make a new one in about a week or so, let the moderators cool off my hiney.  I glanced at your review, it's shoddy and dare I say - you seem to have copied synopsis and intros from an online summary of the movie, but you had a really tiny addition that seems your own.  I'll share my own insights on it but it may have to wait until the weekend as well as the first time I had sex.  I dont want to give you a drawn out memoir, I can write a real lengthy piece on it, I wont.  In the meantime you are welcome in offering me more enticing sensual and naughty flirts.  I chose the movie LOVE because we were both flirting sexually and it became very hot and heavy and I thought this movie would kick the mood up a notch but you went at it like a movie critic rather than someone who was flirting sexually and personally with me.  Odd reaction for a guy who was seriously coming on to me - like let's do it babe, right now.

@selenadiaz97 Maybe they ban people that make racist remarks like monkey honkey? Lol just an idea i found it hilarious but most people dont nowadays. Ill take your doubt as a compliment to my professional level analysis. Great minds think alike and nothing is original in this 14billion year old universe. I love movies and writing so I coulnt help but take it seriously i can even show you my notes on the movie and i didn't want to smother you with sex talk I thought you also wanted some intellectual discussion in another place because you said you would test my wits here. Anyway the movie was great and I couldn't help but imagine you and I in some scenes... sometimes i want to be the little spoon turning to kiss you for caressing my cock so softly like your breasts on my back... is there anything youd like to try?

Whothephukaml  I told you I am not looking to settle down yet, but if we hit it off, what is your fantasy sex date like?  We are not going to the movies, we are not going to a restaurant, this is us at your place (after the get acquainted phase), what is your fantasy girl going to do with you or you to her? if she is not a one time deal, assuming we already had a date where we just fucked and fucked, and got that itch scratched.  This is a more special date where we fulfill each other's deeper fantasies.  I dont want to put ideas in your head, you then read into it and tell me what I want to hear.  I want to know what your crazy sex fantasies that you never did with other girls and would be just looking to do with me if we get past the wham bam stuff.  This is the deeper connect stuff, the naughty stuff, the wow I dont want to get old without having tried this at least a few times with the hottest girl in town who really likes me.


This may be hypothetical but im drescribing something achievable... Anyway ive eaten ungodly doses of mushrooms clountless times and if i had you there as my ASSistant i could find Nirvana. Every time i do i think how great sex would be while high on mushrooms. I dont know how you feel about eating shrooms and smoking weed but Im sure itll be better if were both tripping and i think weed compliments shrooms perfectly. Now the naughty stuff... I would love to see your gorgeous face as well as another girl making out on my dick like kissing eachother and my dick at the same time while i smoke a joint. When i finish that joint i want to do that 3 way 69 triangle then fuck the both of you and watch you fuck eachother. Put you in some black widow outfits and oil you up. Some roleplay. i might like other characters idk. If youre down i love public play... Ive always wanted to fuck in the cabin of a plane, bus, or train. Im kind of interested in having a sub but im not very dominant so i dont know how that would play out. What do you think about mine? Whats yours?

how can two girls have a 3 way 69 with a guy? not sure I follow your dream date setup, how would three people have a 3-way 69? can you draw me a picture LOL? Laughing  Public play?  Hmmmm how about we fuck on Broadway in a play? LOL In a plane we'd get busted and thrown off, already happened and in the news for several Mile High couples.  Bus? You dont want to bring on the weirdos and homeless and bring on a rape scenario.  In a train?  You mean like Tom Cruise in Risky Business?  LOL.  A sub? what is a sub?  You forgot to respond to my other post in LOVE, about the Avengers and Rotten Tomatoes.  My own sexual fantasy?  It's work in progress I dont have one with any measure of precision, the only one in my head is one in which I have a really strong orgasm because the guy I am with really knows how to wind me up and he takes his sweet time exciting me and turning me on, or maybe he has a huge libido and can do me all night long, or all of saturday from morning to night, an all day sex orgy, we'd rest and get back into it.  That way I am guaranteed to orgasm a few times rather than just him enjoying himself in a one hour quickie, 30 minutes showering and toweling, warming up a snack and cold beer for the after party, 15 minutes pounding me real hard and fast and 15 minutes telling me how great I was getting wet on his dick (him never realizing wet does not mean I climaxed) while he nudges a snack bite from his mouth into mine.

I'd like you to respond to my comment in LOVE - about the Avengers, read it and then give me your take, not in LOVE, make a scifi folder and post it there.  I love scifi and Disney movies I will ask for your take on a couple more of my favorites. So will our first date be a sex date or a show me around date?  are we headed to the shed by your friend's house?


It kept saying error unavailable when i tried to post more then i fell asleep.

That is a link to a google image of the 3way 69. I wouldve drawn it but its too easy and sending a photo is too hard 

Id fuck you anywhere you let me but that was funny. I wouldnt want to take that risk or put you in a bad situation and i dont want to do anything youre uncomfortable with because enthusiasm is a key turn on for me, so i guess no public for you? 

A sub is submissive. Kind of like a sex slave but im not too into to the sadistic aspect; i just want to use you to please myself for a bit.

I dont drink beer or like to share my beef jerky so you dont have to worry about that. That scenario you just described with the one hour quickie... thats not me. With the proper conditioning i can go as long you need. Im not saying at this moment i can fuck you all night (becuase thats quite a feat) but i know i eventually can because im a very sensual person, a fast learner, im in the best shape ive ever been in, and i know my body and mind very well like if we get that itch scratched like you said im sure i can do it plus if i do any amount of cocaine the day before i might not cum at all or itll take for goddamn ever. Dont mistake my confidence for arrogance, i only speak on what i know. I will do what it takes to really give you the orgasm you need. You want to use dildos i dont care, i kind of expect every girl to have one at least they should. Im down for orgies too

I was going to reply but it didnt let me. Im going to rewatch the movie write my own review so its not influenced by yours or others, then read yours amd others and write what i think about them. If you love scifi you might love this story about the time i saw a ufo.   So i was walking down acacia st in san gabriel smoking a joint with my friend (nobody has ever hallucinated on weed). It was about 2 or 3 am.  I turned right to pass the joint and up in the sky was a triangular aircraft pointed and slowly moving in the direction we were walking and i could see it because it was reflecting the moonlight and it had three light blue lights in the back. Just after i said "dude look" it zoomed off into space so fast it looked like a lazer like it went lightspeed or something. It didnt make any noise. Ive seen b2 stealth bombers farther away and they're still audible. 

Anyway our first date can be up to you but if its up to me id say sex date at my place because its a great way to feel more comfortable with eachother and thats all you seem interested in. Plus i can "show you around" after. But like i said its up to you.

You can watch the movie, if you have not or need to, but what I asked you to is to read the full length review of the movie (the members version posted by the publisher) and then tell me what you think of the issues raised in the review?  Plus comment on my post.  I did NOT ask you to write your own review, I want to know what your thoughts are on the reviewer's review published for members - which I have read, let's see if we agree and disagree on the same issues with the reviewer.  DO NOT WRITE YOUR OWN REVIEW, NOT WHAT I ASKED! Wink

Nawwwwww LMAO you cheated this time and its too obvious, you went for a quickie on my expense, the reason I chose this site is because they have very thought out and long reviews unlike those at Rotten Tomatoes or a brief capsule from Vanity Fair.  Take a look at the members review piece, write out all the main points made by the reviewer and then comment on each and every major point in the review, piece by piece, no shortcuts and no quickies QUICKIE MAN! Yell


i made a folder in general discussions and called it sci-fi. I also reposted my response to the reviews.


Can you send me a link of where to post and also the members review becuase im confused. Im looking for it all in the meantime 

Nevermind i found it. Ill be ready soon