Honestly, the audience from our corner was expecting the DARK KNIGHT flag and Pattinson’s The Batman promo posters to be flying next to the inauguration podium with shiny silver grey duct tape ribbons streaming in the wind.


ssuredly enough, President Trump bid us a surprisingly curt farewell and today our newest President, Joe Biden, 46th President of the United States was sworn in to much celebration and hoopla both in Washington DC and on the front pages of most American dailies.

The enthusiasm and energy were palpable, perhaps a lot of anxiety as well hiding behind the smiles, hugs and beautiful speeches.

President Biden and Vice President Harris were clearly basking in the warmth of the media and heralded as our new champions who will within the first few weeks in office utterly erase the last dredges of the Trump Administration and the four year “mistake” committed by Congress and the People when they installed him as Chief Executive of our beloved country.

On Inauguration Day, January 20th 2021, the headlines already promised that President Biden would reverse Trump's economic policies with China and Europe, would re-balance immigration practices and would press forward any gains made by the previous administration in combatting COVID-19, now that headlines are starting to run scared of a new far more contagious and viral strain spreading from our shores to every state in the Union.  The vaccine, for now, and its protective shield must become the first priority for the new Administration and Biden made no bones about his readiness to push the buttons to get it done.

Biden made sure by requesting that face masks become mandated by law on any federal property.

Security measures were far more pronounced than any other inauguration (except possibly for those following the Kennedy assassinations) and surprisingly there were almost no protestors in sight, either the usual hecklers or the more abrasive variety that have been in the spotlight all year long.

Vice President Harris was also prominently featured on many a front page as co-President and officio partner with Biden, the first ever woman Vice President (of minority status) in taking the reins of the country from Trump and Pence.  Unspoken were a mountain of issues left by President Trump and the global economic wreck.

Not only is Biden now responsible for reversing the damage to the domestic economy that had been steaming along with Trump, a wreck brought on by the virus, but he and Harris are now being viewed by the global community of investors who command an unspoken influence over Wall Street and are all expecting a global economic recovery under the leadership of a brand new team from the Democrats.

Album Cover - Chromatica - courtesy of Universal Music GroupEntertainment was furnished by blockbuster brands Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez, representing Hollywood, the second pillar of power in the media.  Surprisingly both artists are from New York.  We thought there would be an East Coast/West Coast representation of artists to symbolize the unity Biden is hard pressed to push in his effort to arc weld a divided nation, and his mandate to end an “uncivil war”.

Our suggestion? How about Lady Gaga and minor artist Rachel Fannon (performing her  signature An Ocean Away)?



While the media was quick to point out the snubs made by Trump to his successor, they discreetly failed to mention or highlight the snub to Bill Clinton and Hillary or George Bush and Laura.  Both former presidents were in attendance but the news media only featured those of Obama and Michelle on the front page columns.

In other headlines Vice-President Mike Pence was portrayed the sacrificing hero and former Senate Majority Leader McConnell the gentleman double-dealer with integrity – one who loves to dilly dally and insists on protecting the congressional filibuster tradition.  Was McConnell asked to commit political hari-kari publicly by his own party or by bosses outside of his party?

Both political figures were being moped up in stories suggesting they may want to switch party affiliation in the months ahead.


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