Cinderella - Royal Tea at the Stroke of Midnight?

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The slippery tail of tales in a glass slipper.
Is this a royalty-only affair?  Charles Dickens had an evil twin brother outside of London, Charles Perrault from France who penned the now folkloric tales of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Bluebeard.
Can anyone surpass the original 1950's Disney’s animated classic,Cinderella?
Almost all of the film critics will snicker at this question.  The reason?  It would be impossible to recreate the magic of originality in movie production values that the Disney team had up its sleeves in those days.
And thus Sixty-five years later, is the audience screwed and luck is a lady tonight?  Far from it, we have seen many adventures that encompass the Cinderella and Princess in distress storyline outside of the Magic Kingdom in movies where Bond leaps to the rescue as Prince Charming, or it's a fuel and high octane mix on the road as the Princess shows her Prince Charming she can match his skills in the strife ahead.  Some of these takes have made it to box office heaven and in movies that spawned series on the silver screen and on television.
Let's not forget the other Cinderella series, Bruce Willis drives his boss' BMW and rescues her and other ladies in weekly 1980s Moonlighting episodes that turned tables around and upside down with acerbic wit that made both Willis and Cybill Shepherd the darlings of TV Guide and People magazine.
This year's Cinderella stars Lily James in the title role, with a Marlon Brando-ish support from seasoned Cate Blanchett (who dazzled us as Indie's sidekick in the Indiana Jones follow up). She was also recently flirting with an Oscar in her 2013 role as down and out Blue Jasmine socialite from Woody Allen.  The movie was nominated for three Oscars and Woody earned a nomination while Blanchett actually took home an Oscar for her turn as Jasmine French.
Like all big Disney movie productions, this one is designed to bring a big cache of the original - since more recent adaptations have wandered into explorative modes with the earlier version, Ever After starring Drew Barrymore.  Do we want to mention Ella Enchanted with Anne Hathaway and Another Cinderella "Rock-n-Rolla" Story with Selena Gomez?  This Cinderella is more down the center in terms of interpretation and should please purists and those that relish sumptuous filmmaking and glamorous visual feasts.  Each frame looks like an art piece just as Disney himself would have fussed and labored over his original effort, it seems Kenneth Branagh and the Disney group have endeavored to retrace the footsteps of the Master.
Unlike other critics we wont rehash plot points for you, most of you know the storyline anyways, and for those unfamiliar, it would be a spot spoiler and per Mr. Maertin and other senior managers' protocols for West Coast Midnight Run publication, movie spoilers are as dangerous as the Berlin Wall during the Cold War.
Richard Madden plays Prince Charming who despite his youth and inexperience, spites the guile of appearances and is hard in his search for a true gem in his fold.  Stellan Skarsgard brings a very familiar face to fans of comics books and big screen fantasy adventures.  We've seen him in many roles outside of The Avengers and Thor and in Cinderella he lends another measure of comfort and familiarity to younger audiences as the Grand Duke (a regular favorite from The Pirates of the Caribbean series).  Ben Chaplin and yes that's Hayley Atwell as Cinderella's mom (tough soldier sidekick in the first Captain America) are only briefly shown as Cinderella's parents.
It is worth noting that from the official trailer alone, audiences may take note of Richard Madden as a stocky, Biff-like and less than noble Prince Charming.  The look on his face in the garden with Cinderella adorns a crooked smile of mischief and could be a note of relief to younger viewers weaned on Lady Gaga's Monster Fame syndrome.  Cinderella aka Lily James herself is no countryside bumpkin.  While the press tried to stir up some dirt on her prior to the premiere none could be made into a publicity storm.  Alas, Lily unlike Miley, is a cinder-free maiden, with only a few episodes where she appears to be nude in the British TV series Secret Diary of A Call Girl.  Sensationalism diggers, however, are warned there aint no gold in them hills.
So if you are not in the mood for some royal tea from London we wont invite you for some cheese from Bore D'Eau France, and it's not bored-Oh either, just fancy water and cheese.
And the moral of the story?  Aren't the prettiest, sexiest i.e. most bewitching, craftiest and most capable (we added the latter as a trendy element) girl the most slippery to begin with?  Isn't this what Cinderella is about?  The slippery tail of tales in a glass slipper.
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I have to go see the movie sometimes next week, loved your videos and from the entire thing the Madonna True Blue edit was my favorite, very well done. The whole thing is so cool, how did you pull it together like this?

Disney is in a rat race. Maleficent was much better. Each film is forced to be better than the previous movie and at this rate they are bound to disappoint fans at some point. Your editorial review video is tops - first rate for a small production. My only kibble is I had to refresh as it loads the following part, it stalled on me maybe you can make it all one video clip rather than multiple uploads.

Wow dont like to be a downer but the movie was so so, and this blog is so quiet. Have you thought of making a forum for fans to post back and forth? You should post your stuff on youtube where the action is. Oh and this Cinderella? Definitely a chick movie, guys may not find it all that hot. Your stuff? I have seen you do better, this piece wasnt as rad as your usual. Your Kingsmen video and This is The End, now those was a hoot.

This movie was sooo beautiful. The only annoying thing about it, was the crappy frozen short before it. It wasn't Fifty Shades of Awful. It featured actual romance, not the lifeless, sparkless, sterilized imitation of it found in EL James' creation targeted to lifeless, sparkless, sterilized women; Cinderella featured an excellent adaptation of the original story.

Just came back from seeing the movie with a date. Didn't like it as much because there was no twist in it. The special affects, costumes, acting are perfect, but I just wish they'd done something to mix it up. Your video montage? Absolutely what I dig and presents little mix it up stories. Yes True Blue cut is white hot but Club Foot? Stroke of genius. Aint that the song about the USSR rolling into Poland during the 1960s?

This story is historically correct because before Queen Victoria's weddings with white or silvery dresses were very unpopular and bright, but then this movie is based on a French children's novel, so ahh, dont know what to tell you.

I was just watching Ella Enchanted just last night ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥, still a better love story than twilight ...

Just watched the movie its so aswome i love it, your video of Cinderella wow loved it lots, i watch it several times - especially like the bigger format. Any more Disney stuff 'cause I really like it.

The Music Makes Movies Mmmm Good. For many movies it's the music that makes the pictures vibrate and pulsate with life. I am jealous of your work, Thumbs up all around and best of luck with your upcoming editorial videos.

Any one realize that Cinderella might very well be the first ever Wonder Woman? Nahhh come on folks she is more like the prototype for Sue Storm aka The Invisible Woman in the Fantastic Four. I just thought it might be fun to share.