Selena on My Mind and Buns


I saw Selena at an adult dating site, we chatted a bit and she asked me to post my flirts with her on this site, which I declined, but I have a boyfriend and we were both looking for a third, preferably a girl to join us in our sexual escapades, and then we had a tiff and I told her to bug off.  For some reason I was attracted to her during the entire time and I kept calling her and texting her.  Finally she told me she thought I was a coward and that she would post my texts to her on this forum.  Rather than let her beat me to the punch, I am posting a small excerpt in the hopes of keeping her interested in what we just started.

Here is one of the longer texts I sent her and I was hoping she would send me some selfies and exchange ideas on what we could do once COVID is in the rear view mirror.


To Selenadiaz97

How would I seduce you?  Hmmm ... Assuming that you are led into my bedroom, as soon as I close the door I would love to run my hands up and down your torso while I kiss your neck from behind.  I'll let my soft kisses travel from your neck to your collar bones down your chest and then your navel.  I'd tease your body with kisses  and come back up to kiss you ever so softly before fully making out with you.

And as my tongue is dancing with yours, I'd lead you to the bed and remove your shirt so I can see you in your bra.  I'd then start kissing your neck but if you dont like hickies then I wont leave them there.  I want to trace the round of your breasts with my nose and will take off your bra to suck on your tit while I play with your nipple with my other hand.

I want to watch your reaction to my touch, the way my lips travel up and down your skin, I want to hear you let out a load moans in my ear.  and then Id let my hand  travel down to your clit, barely tapping it so to test your sensitivity before I begin playing with your cute little pussy.


i'm gonna kiss the insides of your thighs and trace your skin with my tongue before I lap you up like a kitten does when drinking milk.

I'll run circles around your clit with my tongue and get you so wet and squirmy and then I want to tongue fuck you and feel the ridges inside your vagina.

I want you to push my head down and drown me in your juices while I'm finger and tongue fucking you.  do you like butt play?  I can finger your ass while I do this to you.  or have a vibrator humming there while I eat you out ... and that's assuming we're in the mood to go straight to bed.

Maybe you'd prefer the ol Netflix and chill just an innocent  make out sesh while we grope each other first, perhaps that's how we play.

Perhaps we're on a hike, I'll bend you over when no one is around, pull your panties down and eat you from behind on a mountain hikeSuppose we drive to an isolated beach and tibb each other there.  We can make my bf so hard while he watches what he cant have.  Or maybe he can if you feel comfortable to include him in our little fun parties.

your admiring girl, thvggwaffle


Selena I can do your kitty and ass with my tongue better than newbie thvggwaffle, in fact why should she bring her boy to you?  Thvgwaffle is entitled to a little variety isnt that why she is hitting on you?  she is getting plenty of humpety bumpety with him and she is openly hunting for new pleasure mates - girls - FOR VARIETY?  So I'd like to join both of you, if thvggwaggle is looking for variety we should both give it to her and double tag her, I like her cute bubbly smile, hopefully that crevice between her legs is far more inviting and deliciously soft lips for someone diving on her.  Do you think she would turn this offer down or will she pretend to at first and then quickly spread them open if you insist to her?  Selena you have a serious admirer if you are game.

Stop thinking with your penis, the biggest "baaabe" seduction tool I know of is a hugely expensive car, this automatically telegraphs to the chick your "seductive powers",

for her part the more the chick wants to snare a bigger bank account (you) the more she lavishes on an expensive car for herself.