WandaVision and the New Marvel TV shows


Not exactly movies but it seems that this year Marvel decided to unleash an entire set of short run TV shows based on Marvel movie characters, like what they just did WandaVision. 

F--k, I had such high expectations for this show from the teasers, these two characters are very powerful in terms of superpowers but have always played second fiddle to Iron Man, Thor and weaklings like Black Widow and Hawkeye (I mean pfffff a female James Bond and a brilliant more affable Arrow how can they stack up to a skilled sorceress powered by an Infinity Stone who almost ripped Thanos himself to pieces and Vision?  He can match Thor aka Superman and can twirl his hammer any time).

If Marvel cant give us a romantic couple with Black Widow and Hulk or Black Widow and Captain America, I thought they were gonna do a bang up job with Wanda and Viz in a I Love Lucy kinda of sitcom satire. 


Another thing I want to point out, we have a case of abundant superheroes without a solid set of villains for them to show off their abilities, something Marvel seems to suffer from.  DC Comics has fewer such creatures they need to juggle but I am not really a DC Comics viewer or reader.

WandaVision was supposed to be such a great opportunity to explore these characters in two cinematic length movies turned into a mini TV series and so far its like a major, major disappointment.  I am now re-scaling my expectations for the Falcon and Winter Soldier series, Loki and Moon Knight as well as The Eternals movie due out next year.  Is Marvel losing its touch?  I'll take them any time over DC Comics's variety but loyalty wont help if their quality starts going downhill.

I just dont get how you werent taken by WandaVision, its one of the most original and endearing Marvel new shows I have seen in a long time.  Very original concept and great adaptation to TV and its culture

Wanda, Wanda So good to me
Wanda mornin', it was all I hoped it would be

Oh Wanda mornin', Wanda mornin' couldn't guarantee
That Wanda evenin' you would still be here with me

WandaVision sucked in so many ways thank heavens that wasnt a professional review, just another member posting their gripe and disappointment. Yeah Wanda and the Vizzzz didnt do it for me, just went into Zzzzzz mode after the first two episodes.

Overall I agree with X Men Force, the show tries to stuff too many concepts in its storyline, from what I have seen in the first few episodes, and is shallow, flitting from one brief situation to the next, undone by much simpler sitcoms that were far more entertaining from Bewitch and The Donna Reed Show, I Dream of Jeannie and more recently a retake on those sitcoms, the highly acclaimed Mad Men.  WandaVision is simply too much flash and very little underneath the surface.

OMG, OMG, OMG it soooooo hard to get a fix on this? no other big time critic has spotted the rip-off or riff-off The Matrix concept? except yeah its not exactly The Matrix, but an adaptation of it to suit the dumb or contrived storyline.  And in this week's episode (way more stupid as mystery unravels) we note for the first time that perhaps Vision is not the original dead Vision (perhaps she recovered his body from SHIELD/SWORD and buried it somewhere) but this is a power or energy construct from her stone powers that cannot exist outside the bubble she created. 

The other clue, The dead Pietro aka Quicksilver should NOT have known about her dead husband, how would he know?  Quicksilver died BEFORE Vision died unless they both are constructs from her mind - because she knows, she witnessed both of their deaths. 

One very obvious clue is the MANNER IN WHICH Pietro talks to Wanda about her dead husband.  It sounds as if what Pietro said had slipped from her own mind to her conscious state, like SHE WAS MOCKING HERSELF but it was her dead brother's construct who said it. 

Another clue is why would Quicksilver appear to her with blood oozing and bullet holes if she brought him back to life, himself, he would not be oozing blood like he was just shot by Ultron.  This is from her subconscious mind, a projection of a reality she created, the same with Vision who is made of Vibranium and would NOT decay immediately as we witnessed.  Thanos shattered his mind stone and killed him but his Vibranium body would likely never decay or fall apart.

Of course the writers will tell you not to hang on to concepts of reality, or realism/plausibility issues, this is all fantasy and magic, meaning even if they do a poor job, the viewer should forgive them for lousy quality and bad entertainment.

Crickey I haven't logged to my account on this site for ages LOL .... definitely a lot of improvements from last time.

On the topic of WandaVision, which has been highly entertaining, not for the obvious reasons most of its fans gush about, I seem to remember that Wanda has her super powers from the Infinity Stone that Vision has embedded in his skull, the very stone that powers up his super powers, so I dont understand how Wanda is this bad ass chick who single handedly beat up Thanos.  In the movie she was fending off Thanos from Vision before he grabbed him and destroyed his skull.  Vision has far more powers than Wanda, he has the Infinity Stone on him, she only has powers derived from its radiation, so its a bit confusing how the authors are contorting these characters on the big screen versus the comic books' slowly developed premise and core arcs.  Because the comic books create character stories over the span of decades, the characters in the comic books end up with far more depth, and far more real, than those in the movies, an absurd statement on face value, yet very true - if you follow the comic books on a long-term basis.

FYI - Thanos was only able to crush Vision dead because he had the gauntlet with several Infinity Stones powering him up, versus Vision's one stone - The Mind Stone.