FAQs | Uploading A Photo


How Can A Member Upload a Photo/Image/Graphic with Their Posted Comments in the Blog and at the Forums?


We have received a few inquiries on how would a member of West Coast Midnight Run™ upload a photo to a new thread or a comment made in the Forums.  Unfortunately both the Forums and Blog areas do not give members the powers of Administrator or Editorial privileges.  Photo upload by members is limited for a very common reason and that is some members abuse their membership, they upload photos they do not own, photos that are not theirs or photos they dont have permission or license to use, violating third parties' copyrights.


Another less obvious reason is some members go trigger happy with photos not realizing it taxes our servers, slows down the entire site and makes your overall experience less enjoyable.  Posting photos in the blog and forum threads with a measure of moderation makes for a much more enjoyable experience, after all the blog and forums are for sharing with the public.  When chosing a photo make sure it is well lit, good quality (sharp versus blurry) and that it does not exceed the size of 350 x 250 pivels (on average).  Our staff will resize large photos if needed however you can help us out by submitting a photo that we can readily publish.  The file size should be between 100KB to 350KB at most.  If you need help, ask us!


When selecting a photo take a minute to ponder if the other members West Coast Midnight Run™ and general public will enjoy viewing your photo. 

Please keep your photo as g-rated as possible although we do not censor nude photo submissions, we will not publish any that are pornographic [that involve depictions of sexual acts] or those that are blatantly and overtly explicit genitelia photos.


As such when you feel absolutely the need to upload a photo to a comment or thread you have created, we recommend you send us your photo via the CONTACT FORM.  We newly added the option of sending us a file, limited to 1 MB in size.  This option is available only to members when they use the Contact Form.  You have to be logged on using your account before you click on the Contact menu selection.  Our staff will review your photo and post it to your thread or comment if it passes our approval process.  Be sure to state in your message to our staff where you want your photo posted.  You can do this by copying the link/URL from your browser and posting it in the contact form message.