These subject areas are not always featured in each
edition but are often emphasized as sidebar columns or
intermittent topics in either the main edition or an entry
posted in our blog. We draw on our expertise in applied
sciences and engineering as well as our business
management acumen in delivering insights and
commentary on industry accomplishments and global
trends. We will occasionally feature in-depth segments
and updates on office gadgets and household appliances
while keeping style and innovation as a central theme
for our pieces.





Rote, uninspired, repetitive, the Chorus Line or
the Party Line?  We try very hard to avoid the trappings
of the format.  Entertaining or sedentary?  Lively?
Challenging?  Outspoken?  Critical?  Trenchant?
Revealing?  Clear?  Concise?  Controversial?  Thorough?
Relatable?  It’s how we craft our editorial segments.
We don’t do rope skipping, we shy away from serving up
the official PC line and dishing out the Plat du Jour.
From our Sites Unseen, The Third Wheel and the Editor’s
Corner to special segments, look them up in each of our
bi-annual volumes.  Maxim?  Vogue?  Vanity Fair and GQ?
We try to stay away from Sunny Side Up and Over Easy.


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