Zack Snyder's Justice League


If you are a comic books superhero action movies fan, then you probably noticed that Justice League has been in re-development heaven or hell (whatever you might like to call it) for months after its fiasco release to the moviegoing public. 


By all accounts the movie was more than profitable however given that the studio was marketing this film as a cornerstone of an entire set of movies in direct competition to Marvel's Avengers, many financial analysts and movie reviewers felt its box office performance was below par.  Warner Brothers' oft stated goal was at least the one billion mark to put it in league with the big players (Marvel and Lucasfilm).

Months after hand wringing and fan action, the movie is being re-tooled for re-release as a four hour epic, on HBO cable, as a four part miniseries, with a ton of footage that was never part of the original theatrical run.  Clearly Warner Brothers is looking at the bigger picture of overall reputation of its superhero line, including its video games titles and comic books series, TV series (Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Gotham, Batgirl, Titans and more), merchandising lines (T-shirts, pajamas, toys) and more.  So Zack Snyder, the original director responsible for Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman, who was booted off this movie in mid production, was brought back to assemble his original vision for Justice League. 

Surprisingly, as "leaked" in new headlines from many big names in movie entertainment (The Hollywood Reporter, TMZ, Salon, Total Film, and Rolling Stone), Justice League became a two parter similar in size and breadth to the Avengers Infinity War and Endgame.

And Snyder assembled some of the original actors from 2017 to shoot new footage and produce new special effects to the tune of an extra 70 million dollars (itself a budget for a brand new movie for some studios).  This week, several headlines claim all that fuss is for nothing more than 10 minutes of extra new footage to be added to the four hours of total fun time. 

Some fans are questioning what could this new footage be?  Our guess is that it might be pieces of dialogue that would allow the studio to create story continuity with its new slate of superhero movies in production and development beyond 2021, such as The Flash (movie), Cyborg, and Aquaman 2, Black Adam, Shazam 2 and The Green Lantern Corps.

Next year, we'll know for sure if this "director's cut" will be the new Justice League or Just His League.


in Batman vs Superman, where the Man of Steel is just getting clobbered by Batman and he starts to tell him what's what, "Your parents probably told you that you are special" and of course Batman is basically reciting some of the dialogue word for word from Man of Steel (movie) as if he had seen the scene with Kevin Kostner and Dylan Sprayberry, that just cracked me up in the theater, I just couldnt keep a straight face on, the humor from Snyder is on par with Deadpool breaking the Fifth Wall or Reynolds winking directly to the camera at the audience in his black Thunderbird before driving off.

One of the really rare great moments of humor from Snyder before hitting a bump in Justice League.

It wont matter how much extra footage Snyder shot for the original Justice League, that's just de rigeur practice for all filmmakers producing a movie on the budget size that was alloted for this movie in 2017.  For a two hundred million dollars movie all filmmakers shoot around six hours or 10 hours of footage.  The fact that they edit it all into a two and a half hours of polished story does not change the script.  Adding most or all of that footage back into the original two hours will NOT change how dumb and boring the storyline is.  Steppenwolf was a boring setup for a live action movie, the character may look cool in comic books for youngsters but for adults it doesnt rival Thanos and Marvel. 

Thanos himself looked a little cartoonish and caricaturish - someone with that much power sets out to wipe out half the cosmos because of resource limitations?  Its a bad story designed to highlight limitations on a single planet but on a scale as large as the entire cosmos?  Thanos had a serious insanity (plausibility) issue.

Back to Justice League and Snyder's Cut - Two extra hours of footage will not change the bad script or any of the poorly conceived plot devices - its all hoopla designed to regroup and re-advertise the DC Universe but let's hope its doesnt backfire in their faces!  Maybe it should be called "Snyder's Cut: Hoopla and Hallelujah Take Two" Yell

For a very brief moment, there was a glimmer of hope WB would greenlight a Snyder Justice League sequel but it seems at present, according to Ann Sarnoff Warner Media CEO says dont get your hopes up, it wont happen!