Justice League

Based on the DC Comics characters the world's mightiest superheroes are about to form their own league when our entire planet is in mortal danger from a crushing invasion by Steppenwolf.  Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne (Batman) sets out along with Gal Gadot as Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) to put together a "response team" similar to the Avengers' war against Loki's Army.  From Directors Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon (Man of Steel and The Avengers/The Avengers Age of Ultron)

Please note this is a color corrected animated sequence from the press preview released by Warner Brothers and we think it looks much hotter than the original sequence.  The images are much cripser, cleaner and the reds are more pronounced making this cut really move with flash.  We are working on a special exclusive music video editorial treatment for Justice League, in the meantime please enjoy our most recent music editorials from Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman.
Count your lucky stars there is a second choice if you do not really dig the silly team-up that has become The Avengers.  Some fans and critics are attempting to shore up a losing or end of its lifecycle superhero franchise for Marvel just as DC Comics superhero movies are about to take off. 
he last movie with The Avengers, also a huge commercial success, was not exactly a hot original piece of filmmaking and the Tony Stark Roy Rogers feud with Captain America that split the team is unspeakably puerile in its cause, this is not how a team of mature and poised global leaders run their ship, how would you trust a small elite group of super powerful individuals to save our bacon if they are unable to meet in secret and work out their differences and deactivate the silly constraints by the world governments that seek to limit their actions?  The Avengers in Captain America Civil War hewed close to Teen Titans and X-Men Teen Angst in flavor and tone.
Enough though about the comparisons, Justice League is its own movie and DC Comics is not Marvel for die-hard fans of Marvel.  If you fall in the Marvel bin and you are a professional movie reviewer you will NOT like Justice League or any of its DC Comics movies no matter what color or narrative approach the film takes.  Simple as that.
Justice League picks off where Batman v Superman concluded, with Batman now completely convinced an invasion is imminent and the entire planet and human race is in danger, just as he had feared with Superman wiping out the species, unfortunately Superman, his only ally powerful enough and equipped with science from a technologically advanced civilization is no longer around to save us or blunt the incoming onslaught.
nstead the Justice League careens into a story device that is extremely familiar in situations where you have superhero team ups and one superhero's powers could eclipse those of the entire team.  Story device often employed in such scenarios?  The big gun is either down, far away on a mission or for some fabricated reason unavailable to take up the slack and the little ones with secondary super powers must marshal all of their will and strength and wit to defeat a superior enemy.
I did not sign any reviewer screening agreements with Warner Brothers as did many for outlets such as The Rolling Stone, The New York Post, the Washington Post and TIME magazine which stipulated they cannot divulge Superman/Henry Cavill’s role in The Justice League.
If you have read any of the reviewers listed with Rotten Tomatoes your impression will be, along with the trailers for the press, that Superman is not part of this Justice League adventure.  The total ban on mentioning his role is quite effective in making a large piece of this film’s storyline a genuine surprise for the viewer and helps in warding off some major spoilers.  From this viewer’s perspective WB succeeded big time in making the film deliver a little extra emotional punch when the key scene for forming the Justice League makes it to the screen.
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Loved the way General Zod pronounced Houston in Superman II.  I read your twitter tweet and it is possible the movie The Flash has some kind of problem if it was slated for 2013 and is announced for 2020.  I hope it's not another The Mummy fiasco.  Was hoping Cruise would nail it and re-launch the series.

Just amazing how after all the hype and fan adoration we threw at the superhero TV shows The Flash and Arrow, and Arrow is the platform that launched The Flash after five successful seasons of its own, that the character (never mind Stephen Amell a terrific actor) is not featured in the Justice League?  And same for a big gun, Green Lantern.  Is this new hodge podge driven by the success of Wonder Woman gonna be big?  Cyborg and Aquaman are minor characters compared to Superman, Batman, The Flash and Lantern.

I cant help but wonder if The Justice League can outgun The Avengers?  The Rascally Rabbit versus The Mighty Mouse.  Wonder Woman did incredibly with fans at home and abroad will she give this movie wings to soar?  I hope she plays a huge part in the this and sequel.

I loved the video you made for Batman vs Superman and now in looking ahead to your next effort, will you be combining footage from Batman v Superman and Justice League for your fans?  That would be just incredibly dramatic and fun.

J.K. Simmons is incredible as J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man and love seeing him again in big superhero movies but I am not sure if he has the intensity of Gary Oldman in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.  And Oldman himself played Gordon low-key.  I didnt feel his scene with Batman in the Justice League trailer sizzled or was interesting.

First off let me say I love your original productions, the reviews, and music vids, I also enjoy reading some of your tweets on Twitter and the comments of your viewers (I dont do it very often).  I hope this observation does not sound like an intrusion on American fans and theater audiences, but a truly original adventure for Superman and the Justice League members (maybe one or two extra similar to Batman v Superman) would be our heroes in the distant future like in the comic books, point being it would be a first time ever a major movie studio combines the cinema powers of superhero action with Star Wars or Blade Runner futuristic sets and settings, it's more expensive however there are plenty of CGI SFX libraries already developed by Warner Brothers for its Man of Steel and Blade Runner series so it's the logical next move for this kind of movie and it could be an Oscar winner simply as a first. 

The movie would not only pull in audiences from the Marvel universe who relish something new, it could also pull in audiences from the Star Wars and Star Trek universe and I dont mean the customary numbers, this could be a massive hit.

Just an observation please excuse my poor English and the intrusion on your regular fans at your sites.  PS I loved the Art Deco effort in your previous edition.

Merci bien et bonne continuation.
Geneve, Suisse

Just saw the Justice League trailer and it looks very promising but no Big Cheese anywhere rumors at comic book events has it that Superman will be awol like Luke in The Force Awakens and all of the scenes with Henry Cavill and the League will be in the sequel to The Justice League, this movie will NOT feature Superman, just hope Han Solo wont let me down in The Last Jedi. Ha!

I am waiting on your review, already read a few from the major magazines, and can hold out a couple of weeks while all the crowds jam theaters, stuff themselves row after row without a single empty space to spread your elbow or kick off the high heels you were wearing.  My dates always appreciate my casual attitude on these nights.  Makes for better snuggles and hand holding with the big action scenes.

It seems just like opening weekend for Batman v Superman, movie reviewers and critics cut the movie to pieces and the fans and public renounced their verdict and made the movie into a success - despite the naysayers.  Like others I am holding out for your review and those of a small group of independent movie reviewers whose assessment of Batman v Superman were more in line with public sentiment and common sense.

Ever since the Harry Potter series I have become a big fan of superhero movies, I think there is a political agenda that has been brewing the past few years in the movie review industry and it has become blatant on a few occasions when critics buried a movie while the audience ignored their reviews and got themselves a movie seat.  Batman v Superman, Battle Los Angeles, Step Up, Final Destination, Empire Records and a few more.

Loved your movie review, spot on especially further when you elaborate on the performances of the actors from Affleck to Miller.  Thank you so much for the complimentary poster, it's now the background for my Dell Inspiron desktop.  Good show.

I thought Doomsday was a much bigger danger to Earth than Steppenwolf primarily because he was unstoppable and I didnt think that little bit of Kryptonite tipped spear was going to do him, maybe wound him or irritate the heck out of him. Except for Lex Luthor becoming an irritating irrational villain who completely lost his ability to be the villain - Batman v Superman was a really good movie.

to your staff and thank you for the Justice League poster, it's a very cool screensaver.

The Justice League buzz is now more confusing than ever from the national press.  After a bad opening the news reported the movie was doing better and picking up steam and now according to several reports it is in a freefall.  I enjoyed your review in the members' area, comprehensive in its analysis and sheds multiple insights into the movie's strengths and weaknesses.  Highly recommend to newbies.

After watching the movie it seemed to me the emphasis on Wonder Woman is lopsided at the expense of the bigger characters for fans of the comics books (Superman, Batman and The Flash) even though in pure screen time I think Batman had the most lines and scenes.  You have to keep in mind that Batman was the comic book in publication that first introduced the character of Superman to American audiences and these were the very first superheroes of the franchise - and their popularity has pretty much remained the same since their introduction.  I think Warner Brothers played its cards wrong by playing up Wonder Woman - is it Joss Whedon's handiwork or the top brass?

I dont care how you slice it or dice it, I went to see Justice League, enjoyed it thoroughly and will see it a couple more time to catch all the nuances.  Thanks for providing this forum and letting me voice my feelings and opinions on this and other cinematic treats.

Your review is highly recommended for those that have been filling up with traditional national press reviews.  Go see it, not as bad as the media said it was and moviegoers have stayed away because of bad press, but it's a very entertaining and action driven fun chapter in the Superman Batman saga.

the rumors have made him the number one celebrity for several weeks and he will continue to draw attention of both his fans and newbies, poor Henry Cavill, he is getting his ass kicked out of Warner Brothers studio's DC Comics franchise - but it's all Snyder's fault. 

It's all super advertising for november's Aquaman, if the movie hits gold, I am betting all would be forgiven and Cavill will be greenlit for a new Man of Steel standalone movie.

the new JL has more action the original definitely had more humor but what I like most is that there is more of Superman, and Henry Cavill is the sexiest superhero on the screen and possibly the sexiest Brit alive, I am so surprised he isnt on several of those lists like GQ, PEOPLE and Cosmo.

I broke the movie into two viewings, the previous weekend and this weekend, definitely a better movie with the extra two hours but its not just the technical issues and adherence to logic and premise created by the DC Universe that your review points out in delightful detail, I just felt the overall emotion and vibe of the Snyder Cut is still a bit off and doesnt measure up to the emotions stirred up by the Avengers Infinity War and Endgame, its kinda obvious the two decades Marvel invested in its superhero movies created a far more sentimental connection with the person going to see the Avengers finale - DC Comics is trailing far behind Disney and Marvel.