Waiting on some badass new friends

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I sent out a few invitations to some daring souls in the dating world and I am hoping some brave chick will join in some naughty fun to heat up the last shreds of a miserable year.  My sex toys are ready and so am I.

Per request from marinasmile23, your photos are posted on your thread


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OMG Marina you look incredibly hot, can I join you at your party?  In your nude selfie I can see the bikini line its very faint but how did you manage to get so little contrast and such a good blend?  LOL Geez you look delicious enough to have over for a snack Wink 

I am hot for that tanning salon you go to Marina, if you let me play with you (HeavenlyLara is of course also a great sidekick idea), I'll improve on your "cant pinch an inch" with my own special MMA Vietnamese sex tae bo routine for playmates Cool. Can you post for us a selfie doing a high kick with nothing on?

Please make sure its at sunrise in front of a large window for the most beautiful colors possible.

Kisses and phat licks!

a few guys are curious what kind of sex toys are hiding in your dresser drawers, Tongue Out not that most women dont have a standard set of well known pleasure toys - that have been showcased on talk shows from Today, Oprah to Ellen. just curious about the special toys hehhehehe

love to ------ and ------- and then ---------- LOL but first and foremost Merry Christmas and drop me an invite if you actually go to a live party!

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I'm Alexis and Jacob

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Hey  sexy  we want to fuck the shit out of you . And your were saying you like man a certain way im curious what you meant 

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I did hint that I am an exhibitionist and I love private adult parties (but these are as varied as the those involved, guests and organizors create the mood and energy) so I do not love ALL adult parties but its certainly interesting to browse and shop until you find the flavor that matches your desires.

Alexis and Jacob, thanks for the interest you expressed in having me join you in a threesome.

But I like things a little neat, so if you could start by telling me a little about yourselves (where you grew up, what it was like after high school,  as in work and play weekly routines that get to be a drag - what did you do to perk things up, flirting and singles hitting on you, your first temptation to experiment and what happened), first each one separately as a single, then tell me a little about yourselves as a couple, when did you get together? how long you been together, what made you stick with each other as opposed to a coule of times and then moving on to next better partner - I am of the mind with experience we tend to move on and look for a better more suitable partner, inexperience causes you to chose badly especially with something as intimate as sex, its not like you go to the mall pick a bathing suit, you dont like it so you return it - or is it?)

I expect something more than just one line, and oh yes, are you going to upload a nude selfie? can be just top nude, but as you can see I dont mind showing all of me, so would you?  You are a couple inviting me to a threesome, one extra gets to be the voyeur and participant -than is customary

so my gut feelings tell me you are into voyeurism and you wouldnt be shy about showing off either.