Show an innocent guy how its done

Before i get into my desires and fantacies, lets start with some backstory so you better understand what i desire. First off i have never dated, never had a relationship or even kissed a girl: this was because i was a very unattractive teen so it makes sense (not to boast but im decent looking now). I always wanted a genuine relationship with someone who would keep me in their life for a while but after being rejected by girls a lot, i developed an enjoyment with being shut down, teased or embarrassed by attractive girls.

So with that out of the way lets get to what i want out of a girl now! 

First lets start with a date, im not really picky on what we do or where we go as long as the girl im with is attentive and enjoying herself. It goes without saying ive never been on a date either so id undoubtedly get nervous or shy, thats when it would be nice for the girl to tease me or make an advancement of her own; either would be good. But then moving on to my first kiss id want her to be flirty or make a point to show that she wants to share that experience with me. She can go back to teasing me after if she wants ill probably react funny anyway.

Now moving onto my ideal girlfriend, like i said before i do want someone whos committed to our relationship and does care for me. However, when it comes to our sex life, flirting or just being intimate i am extreemly attracted to strong dominant girls who know that they have that highground over me. It might be obvious but if you cant tell id prefer being on bottom but will basically do anything she says if shes demanding enough. During arguments, cuddle sessions or just play fighting i find it hot if she goes the extra mile and physically pins me down. She knows the easiest way to win any argument is to dominate me, the easiest way to get me to cuddle is to drag me and not let me go, she knows that she will win every play fight. My dream girl is loving and loyal but knows shes still superior to me

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Dear Raindrops Scott

I dont like water, I am a kitty by nature so raindrops was a poor choice of a flirty username, did you grow up in the midwest and hurricane storms were a regular occurence or maybe Irish roots where its always wet, soggy and foggy?

Your post as simple as it is beckons many questions, its difficult understanding a complete stranger from a simple greeting at the mall or at the corner deli - unless you stand out as super attractive and the shop keeper has nice things to say about you a few days later - when you are not in the store.

First things first, you stated you looked geeky and unattractive a few years ago and attractive girls and you parted company or didnt really connect, I cant speask for other girls, each is different but many are alike as you know from high school and the cliques we all form,

there is the jocks and their prom queens, the geeks and their portable laptops, the gamers and their video games, the jarheads with their noisy big cars, its at least a handful of colorful types on campus and off campus.

But I really want you to do something for me, load up a photo of when you were the unattractive kid, a few years ago when sexy hot girls did not want to mess with you and also load up a recent photo, because as I noticed you are definitely at present in the handsome and cute territory.

I'll address the other part of your post later this week but this is my initial take and what I want from you until I post the remainder of my reaction.

Here is more for you, you said " lets start with a date, im not really picky on what we do or where we go" yes but its all in the details otherwise just order up a date at the generic Girls I Like diner.

I am a girl and where we go for a FIRST date is as important as when we go for our date to get laid, a few down the line, maybe more so. dates at a public venue are an expression of personal taste and personality and I for one would like before hand what kind

of man is touching me, or is going to share a few good memories even if for a few months and we end up breaking up, those personal memories are scarce for me.

I am not an escort girl, an escort girl gets paid for her troubles so she ignores all of that and just tags along for the hour or two she is going to give you pleasure, as ordered on the menu.

I have the photos you asked for here, and i do appreciate your feedback but you got my name wrong! Its raindropscottThought as a rap reference! And i realize my first post wasnt that descriptive so i apologize for that. 

In highschool i fell under the misfit catagory so i wasnt a jock or nerd, i think neards hated me as much as the popular kids actually! I was a long haired hippie ripoff wanna be artist that smelled like cigarettes since my father smoked in the house growing up

Id like to point out the fact that you said i fall into the handsome and cute territory, while i might look like that im still in the mindset that i dont look good, so im a "cute guy" without the arrogance of a typical good looking guy if that makes sense

Now about the date, i guess i really wasnt too discriptive. MY ideal date would be at a restaurant that isnt busy so its just the two of us basically. Talking and getting to know each other then me getting nervous when the check comes cause i dont know if it would offend or flatter the girl if i paid for it. Then going for a walk afterwards. Playing each others favorite music and playing get to know you games, then when we are alone have a romantic moment to ourselves whatever shes comfortable doing

I also forgot to mention in my first post that one of the main things that i would like about a dominant girl is that when she takes my virginity it would literally be her rocking my world, she would show me a whole new side of life i didnt have access to before and wouldnt without her. Its that feeling of being with a superior girl with that kind of power that id love

And here is a conversation of  my awkward self talking to an attractive girl



In my defence, this was my first time doing this so there is a lot i left out. But you got my name wrong! Its RaindropScottThought as a reference to the rap.

Also i put the pictures on here you wanted, in school i didnt fall under the jock or geek category, i was in the misfit section.  So the neards hated me almost as much as the jocks somehow! I was a long haired hippie wannabe artist that smelled like smoke since my dad would smoke in the house growing up. 

Id like to point out the fact that you said i am "definitely at present in the handsome or cute territory" first of all i praise you for the compliment and second i actually still have my old mindset from when i was unattractive so you could have a "cute" guy around who isnt arrogant about it

For the date i guess ill just tell you MY perfect date: id enjoy either a fancy restaurant or a coffee shop as they both have a laid back vibe. Wed get to know each other well while giving one another an occasional flirt to let the other know we are interested in each other. If its a restaurant id get nervous as the check comes cause idk if it would offend or flatter the girl if i paid for it. That ones up to you! After we leave, take a walk down a trail playing our favorite songs and playing silly get to know you games. Once we are alone we do something romantic: whatever she feels comfortable doing, cuddling, holding hands, or if she wants to rock my world with a first kiss!

Speaking of rocking my world, i left something out of my first post i wanted to add: another reason i love dominant girls is that i feel like they would enjoy the concept of taking my virginity. If a girl takes charge and opens the door to a whole new world for me it would be her sharing that power that i never experienced before. She would show me how superior she is for having control over when and how we do it.

Also i uploaded pictures that i feel are a good example of my awkward self talking to a cute girl


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Really?  I must have misplaced them somewhere  LOL

I myself had trouble uploading photos in my reply to you, the comments menu does not have a photo upload button Laughing  on this thing, so I dont see how you uploaded (past tense) those photos before you posted your reply to me (giggles).

The FAQs tab has an answer on how to upload photos in comments, you will need to use the contact tab and send the photos for approval before they get posted for you.

Scotttt I am waiting on these photos heeheehee!

Sorry i just sent the pictures so they should be posted in a bit… ya really wanna see them dont you? Just dont make fun of me to much… or do! 

Also please ignore the fact i posted the reply twice, much appreciated :)

Also heres the conversation i promised

S: the Madame droped you a big request  LOL

Me: wait you mean you? I gotta find some old pictures of me

S: I am sure your mom, dad, sis, bro, cousins, buds have some old pictures of you while attending school

Me: True, i really appreciate you doing this with me it seems fun so far

S: I have a few photo albums when I was in school, not a lot but a few

S: yea mixing it up aint what it used to be, you thought I look like one of them flapper girls from the Roaring 20s?

Me: Haha you have to show me your old pictures too after i post mine

S:I am forgetting how easy it is to connect with a hundred different girls of all sizes and shapes in one month thanks to this technology now as old as electricity

Me: what do you mean?

S: sorry scott, If you do this for me I dont necessarily do the same for you

I am not a mimic, nor your chimpanzee that you train, you need to do what you need to do for your reasons and I do mine for satanic earthly lusty reasons LOL

FYI I do have a few selfies set aside for the cute boy who is not constantly testing my willingness to be his play thing

sorry babe you need to be more on your toes AND STEP UP YOUR GAME

Me: no i wasnt trying to train you or anything i just thought you wanted to talk about that! Sorry i swear i dont see you as a plaything

I really do gotta be more on my toes with you

S: words versus deeds

the reason this is a torturous process at first

so many play words like music from a tape deck


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 I am trying to have fun, so I really hate grown men just crying on my shoulder for sympathy, unless we've been friends for a very long time, I know who they are and I know the tough jam they have been through, otherwise in dating or flirting situations, a guy comes up to me and starts a cry on your shoulder routine, most girls already know its a meaningless ploy.

And not to be called a cheat, you said I owed you some photos in response to you uploading yours, I responded I owe you no such thing, its all voluntary, all up to you and I reminded you that you have not thus uploaded the photos I thought you had that I was interested in ... its up to you if you want to have some fun with me!

I definitely see how you get that vibe from me, but you wanted to know me better and to do that i had to start from the beginning, which for me started as a sob story. But it is a practical and may i say a fundamental quality of mankind, that when faced with depression, any alternative is preferable! Its true i use to be sad a lot but those days are over, im tired of crying and starting to find joy in life. I would not look to you as a shoulder to cry on but as a enhancement to my life. Trust me i can tell your not a fan of pity but dont mistake my kindness, shyness or nervousness as lack of self esteem, its a reaction when faced with a whole new potential opportunity

On a less deep note im absolutly grateful you posted a selfie here! I know it made you mad when i said that and i apologize for that but the fact that you did means a lot to me especially after nailing in the point that neither of us have to do any of this. So im happy that you made the independent decision to bless me with a selfie!

I mentioned that i was honored that you chose to upload a selfie but i forgot to gush about how attractive you are!! First off i love your nails in that picture they immediately grab my eye as a symbol of beauty and a more sinister meaning. Your hair is super cute too, its a perfect wave that compliments your eyes very well, and speaking of your eyes; their stunning! It also feels like they are looking right through me which is fitting as you have shown me just how good you are at reading people. Then your lips are very pretty and perky, i loose my breath at the thought of having my first kiss with you when i look at them. I think you are a very beautiful and attractive girl but if you ever wanted to completly attract me to you then all youd have to do is put some red lipstick on, some red highlights and a bit of eyeliner and youd have me around your finger!

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We're talking the Brady Bunch TV show, its one of the Brady Boys.  Oh wait Marcia had to coach Bobby how to go up to a girl and ask her out, Bobby was just a seven year old in a 23 year old man's body.

And you only gushed about my selfie because I texted you that you missed an opportunity, usually boys say something when a girl uploads a selfie, so now reading it a few days later it feels disingeneous, like you were doing me a favor Laughing

The real kicker was this comment you made, which I thought was in jest

"I would like to wait for your reply tho tbh the thread feels kinda one sided rn Jun 24 10:29 AM"

So you felt it was one sided?  Because in each instance I made a comment you doubled back, making a lot of apologies and retreading the same comments but correcting yourself based on what I said.  I dont call that you being more communicative, you are just doing a little backpedaling and a lot of apologizing.

I dont want to repeat here what I texted you directly which was about constant apologies, as if I am naive enough to expect a perfect match or someone who is going to be exactly how I think and I feel.  You are underestimating me and its somewhat sad.  I am not looking for a kiss ass boyfriend or sex friend, if the plan is long term.

If you want me to post another selfie for you, I guess you need to shore up your game.

I'd love to read your thoughts about the best spots in Chicago, where do you like shooting the breeze, what new movies are your favorites ( this year's), what newest bands do you like and which ones are a blast from the past.

Finally pick a couple of movie reviews on the Blog and critique them, can you point out where the reviewer messed up or where they omitted a point you believe they should have made?

You like a dominant woman that tells you what to do?  Its hot when she is in control?  This is me telling you what to do, so let's see if you are truly a boy worth training .... Finally I really want an explanation, where did you get your experience in dominant women?  where did you form your ideas and notions about dominant women?