Whats your type of sausage

You like it straight or curved thick or skinny

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I never thought you'd be posting here, seemed like you were gonna flake out on me LOL  doesnt matter if it is curved or straight, probably straight. what matters is that it goes in deep rather than just play tootsie outside, and more importantly what matters is that it goes deep repeatedly Kiss men always worry about the size of their cocks, and yeah it does make a difference but as I am sure by now you've heard other skills and body parts can make up for the deficit in size.

is that all you are gonna post?  Big, big romancer, I thought you'd roll up your sleeves and work my buttons a little sighhhh

I didnt answer your question on purpose, can you guess what kind of sausage I like?  what do you think I like?

I think you like it straight so it can go straight deep lmao but your right size doesn't matter as long as your good at it what ever sexyal thing is that your good at

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you look very snappy in your bio photo, where have your taken girls on dates?  name top four of your favorite spots in chicago and which one is consistently your best bet? how many girls have you scored with after those dates? do you make the move on her in your car or you have a different tack?  tell me what it is and when do you think you would make the move on me?  on the first date or on the .... (fill in the narrative the way you want to do it with me)!