Whispering , kinky or weird

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I'm genuinely curious as so other people's opinion on this, when someone whispers in your ear is it a turn on for you as well or do you consider that weird. For me I love it when women lean in close to me and whiaper things in my ear, don't know why but it's always been a turn on to me since I was like in my early teens, I know some women like it but don't really do it too much cause not sure if it's normal, let me know your thoughts on this

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all depends on what you are implying with whispering, just plain everyday verbal whispering? women do it all the time it just depends, however if you are implying whispering like hypnosis or horse whispering it could be downright illegal, I dont think much about it tbh

really dependa on those involved, I think what little boy jake is struggling with is that in almost all instances when someone approaches another and whispers, it is normally an act of intimacy, by its very nature what I am sharing with you is not for the others, its just you and me, so all of us growing up we associate whispering (especially in public) with something private and if it is someone you are attracted to, your girlfriend, or someone you lust after, when she does that, the physical closeness itself creates expectations, physical tension, maybe higher pulse.

Even if it were a school yard argument between two unfriendly parties and someone whispers in your ear, it will usually raise tensions and pulses because the information given privately could spark a fight.

Now if the two persons are on a casual date and she whispers to me, my libido will start running wild because its one hurdle down from a number of hurdles, like holding hands for long period of time, its very sexual, but I am not sure in what way its KINKY because whispering is a socially accepted everyday thing thought not very commonly practiced in public because I know I might wait until we are in a private corner or away from prying eyes and ear to indulge in far more than just whisper and kiss.