uite extraordinary, in a year so unspeakably fraught with disaster, Hollywood endures the COVID 19 pandemic and rolls out its annual celebration of the best films the industry has to offer.

 In a first for the Film and Cinema Academy, AMPAS is holding the awards ceremony at the one of her customary venues, the Dolby Theater, formerly the Kodak Theater, in concert with another location, the historic Union Station in Los Angeles.  As of this date the actual format of the awards show has not been given away but this is a first in that two locations will simultaneously host the ceremonies. 

What is known for the 93rd Academy Awards is that while initially nominees were not required to attend in person, the requirements have changed.



he Academy most recently had decided to host the event with nominees attending in person, having ensured the venues and crowd capacity will still allow for minimal safety from Covid 19 transmission, although truth be told, there is no way of ensuring the crowd will be safe given a large gathering, masks or no masks, because a virus cross contamination scenario can happen via multiple modes of transmission from touching the same lavatory facilities to handrails, guest tables, hors d’oeuvres platters or grabbing an Oscar statue from the hands of the presenters to whom they were brought backstage by any staffer or event management staff.  The modes by which the virus can travel and make contact are endless in combinations.



ll gloom aside, with the fires of the George Floyd epic nationwide protests still burning bright in the rearview mirror, with the Weinstein, Epstein and Allison Mack scandals paint still fresh on the billboards, with Daunte Wright’s murder and blood still fresh in his car, Hollywood is struggling to offer the world a night we can all remember, showcasing glitz, glamour, beauty and the art of entertainment when most major film studios have practically re-scheduled the premiere of their best and biggest movies awaiting the tamping down of moviegoer fears and the recent upheavals stirred up against republican political enclaves which Hollywood and the National Press managed to aggravate for more than four years culminating in the Trump 2020 Elections loss.

Now that the 2020 Elections only seems like a distant din in the past, there remains large swaths of the public who feel cheated out of the Oval Office by a non-stop alliance of entertainment and infotainment news reporters who joined forces with the “legitimate press” to sweep the Trump fiasco off-stage.  While conservatives and right-wing political groups were heavily marginalized in the press, leading up to the elections, the massive anti Trump campaign has resulted in significant loss of appeal of Hollywood and its glamour products to both domestic and international market segments.  Add to all of this the recent Sino- American tensions in the Far East with more Chinese markets becoming hostile to Hollywood productions and we now have a somewhat less than minor league game headaches for the coaches and team players.

But it could all could blow away in a year or two …. Unless we get a repeat in 2022!

Hollywood has always prided itself on being avant-garde, in tune with the public, leading the charge into original cultural trends, a recycler and eliminator of outdated and obsolete social and political shackles.

However recent events may have been tweaked to reveal to everyone that all the trumpeted progress since the heydays of the 1960s with Jane Fonda, Jane Birkin and Diane Keaton, recent moves made by Barbara Walters, Jane Pauley and Katie Couric, current trend leaders like Hillary Clinton, Obama, Barra, Ahrendts and Rometty may have been nothing more than superlative hyperoxidized flash in the pants and lip service, expertly packaged, re-packaged and delivered to worldwide audiences – who have all had an extremely rude wakeup call in the most recent months leading up to Academy Awards 2021.