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Well the much touted Titans are back in Season 3 and so far aside the fact that the show has sufficient budget for great sets, costumes and a few good actors, there is not enough budget to power up this big band of superheroes, the action scenes are anemic and are visibly lacking crane shots, wire shots, cgi action stunts especially where Nightwing, Superboy and Batman are concerned.  The very first episode of the very first season we get a glimpse of a Robin flying above an alley where a gang had assembled before he lands in front of them and proceeds to demolish them.

The almost you miss it if you blink scene shows up a shadowy Robin streaking across the skies and above the shabby buildings before re-emerging in front of the criminals, sticking a landing on top one of their parked cars.

Since then we have never seen Robin flying on rope, swinging into action as had Christian Bale The Dark Knight done on numerous occasions in his turn as Batman.  Those scenes required custom rigs but its been more than a decade and some of these rigs could be recycled or better ones made with newer stunt technologies.  Robin, Nightwing, Superboy all walk into action, never once landing from the sky or dropping in via bat rope.  Sure Superboy cannot fly but surely he can super leap into action and land on the scene like Superman scaring the bad guys or making them pause.  But so far nada, the budget just isn’t there for all of the superheroes.  Its obvious.

I am not planning on monopolizing the critique, after all I clearly instructed our staff, the Forums is our members' playground, our staff writes in the Blog/Stories, so this is just a teaser or, if you like, a conversation starter.  We'll expand on my remarks in an upcoming longer piece on the blog.

For now, share with us your insights and reactions to DC Titans, one of a long series of made-for-television and cable adaptations of comic books from both Marvel and DC.


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So you think its just Titans? every review I have read from them is peppered with idiotic and fluff commentary or just zingers that seem hip or cool but only make some of us wonder, who hires these columnists and commentators that pretend to be journalists.

 Including these three iconic decorations in Titans' Batcave pushes Iain Glen's Batman (who hasn't felt especially comic-accurate) much closer to the source material.  - Craig Elvy, Screen Rant Aug 17, 2021

Mr Elvy wrote a very lengthy and utterly useless column on Titans' new Batman Cave, titled "Titans' Batcave Easter Eggs Confirm Harley Quinn & Other Batman Villains" detailing the props visible in a brief scene and going at extreme lengths to fill in gaps and tie each and every item to the Batman universe of comic books, knowing well this show as have all recent movies and productions have taken liberties with the comic book material, and not just DC but Marvel has been a huge player in re-spinning the comic books as needed for cinematic, SJW and the political commentary du jour.  So Mr. Elvy goes on to inform us how each of these props makes the show so much truer to the comic books Batman and Robin and then at the very last line drops this bombshell comment


The Batcave's collection of trophies prove just how egotistical Titans' Caped Crusader can be.

Essentially Mr. Elvy just said that this season's Titans shows us the Batman cave which is basically taken from the pages of DC Comics and then in closing takes a swipe at the show by going WELL THE TITANS VERSION OF BATMAN IS AN EGOTISTICAL CREATURE as demonstrated by the trophies in the Batcave.  HUH?????  Mr. Elvy, these trophies were in the DC Comics Batman Batcave for decades almost since the comic books series was launched in 1961.  So why differentiate between the Titans Batman being egotistical and the good guy Batman in the comic books since this series is showing us an almost carbon copy of the source material.  Mr. Elvy is saying the trophies make the character egotistical but for 60 years of Batman no critic or reader or fan I know of have claimed the TROPHIES IN THE BATMAN CAVE can be said to make the Batman character egotistical.

Another stellar piece from Screen Rant, the spot where zingers and zippy one liners are part of the long lines of puff pieces good for the dust shelf and seemingly only written to pad the roster of columns and "content" for advertisers. Frown

What gets to me is the title of your piece, TITANS on Television

looks about right   Wink

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Love howin each episode they keep bringing up the other superheroes in the Justice League, Superman for instance is always referenced.  So when Superboy was slow just a tick in saving Hawk and after, days after, they are all recovering from the shock and doing the self blame game, like sob sob sob Cry superman could have saved him, we failed.  Soooo like you guys call Barry aka Flash, he does a sprint around the block and resets the timeline and saves Hawk.  End of moping.  Maybe The Flash can show Superboy a few tricks in better using his superspeed.  Alas not even a budget for this kind of mini cross over between Flash and Titans.  Sighhhh and now the Flash series is basically getting cancelled so no chance whatsoever for a goodbye cross over of sorts. Yell

These are some of the hottest moments in Titans, they dont always feel part of the narrative but they do separate these comic books-based series from the animated versions released years ago for kids.  I think some scenes are part of the narrative just to emphasize this is an adults show (you'd have to be blind to think otherwise considering the amount of graphic violence and blood - but that's another issue altogether, isnt it?).