Avengers Prelude to Endgame (The)

The most anticipated movie this decade (for North American fans anyways) is possibly The Avengers Endgame installment, the closing chapter for several decade long movie franchises based on Marvel (and DC Comics) characters.  The unbeatable Thanos, most fans will tell you, was created and inspired from DC Comics' Darkseid character, Superman's most formidable foe and a comic book seller that prompted rival Marvel to create Thanos in its image.  Avengers Endgame will star Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner and Paul Rudd along with many others who may or may not be resurrected from the previous installment where they were pulverized into dust in an epic cliffhanger.

In preparing for the upcoming conclusion to last year’s Marvel epic showdown Avengers Endgame I went back and screened Avengers Infinity War with a completely different mindset than I originally had the first time I saw the movie.

And lo and behold for the first time ever I noticed a big gaping hole in the movie, a colossal flaw in the storyline staring right back at me. How is it I never thought of this when I first watched Infinity War and read one glowing movie review after another?

There is a moment in the showdown against Thanos when the movie should have logically concluded, the moment is on planet Titan where part of the Guardians meet up with a small cluster of the Avengers. Star Lord, Mantis, and Drax join up for the first time ever with Iron Man, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange who had commandeered one of Thanos ships (which looks suspiciously like a plagiarized … “stylized” version of the Engineers ship from Aliens Covenant – which released only a few months earlier).

When Thanos reveals himself to our heroes and they go to into fist and kung-fu action against an impossible to defeat enemy, because according to the Russo Brothers, at this point his gauntlet wielded almost all of the Infinity Stones, in that scene of Strange lassoing him, Spider-Man pins him down and Iron Man pile drives a mountain of rubble ontop of him, then Mantis grabs his head and puts him under her hypnotic powers, literally knocking him out.

Our heroes scramble to remove the gauntlet from the now subdued and unconscious villain, and Peter Quill finds out from Mantis and Nebula that Gamora is gone but refuses to believe it and then proceeds to lose his senses and attacks Thanos while under Mantis’ spell.

That moment in the storyline is when the adventure and the fight against Thanos was over.