Casual Catwalk from West Coast Midnight Run


Casual Catwalk from West Coast Midnight Run

Summer brings not only heat and tired feet but also the opportunity to change your routine, your look, shed your winter skin and show off your bod.  If you have been working as hard at the gymn as at the office it will show when it's time to hit the barbeque at the lake, the beach volleyball party or simply a casual business meeting at the annual corporate hike and climb challenge in Yosemite Park.

Fashion designers on the most popular runways in Europe, USA and Asia evolved their Fall / Winter and Spring / Summer collections to include a third set simply called Resort.  Not all fashion labels participate in the Resort category.  Many stick to the traditional SS and FW events.  And some labels intermittently participate in the Resort category making things a little unpredicatble for fashion enthusiasts.

And don't let those other category labels fool you: Holiday, Pre-Fall or Pre-Spring, they all mean the same thing - Resort.

Old school will tell you that Resort collections were initially created by fashion houses to accommodate wealthy and affluent customers who were compelled to travel to hot and warm destinations and needed travel clothing that was stylish yet out of season with the FallIWinter collections. Over the years, Resort collections have become clothing articles to be worn year around and are characterized by their low maintenance qualities, and are typically fabricated using microfiber, straw, cotton, silk and denim making them easy to pack, lightweight and breathable.

But being a pro at all things fashion, you probably knew all of that. So let's spiff up your shopping basket with something entirely new on the vine.

Designers at J Crew and Banana Republic may have pioneered the style but nowadays both big names and small participate in this category and have over the years included notables such as Chanel, Prada, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors and smaller players such as Anna Sui and Nicole Miller. The Row is also getting nods for its Resort offerings, a label created by former television twins Kate Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen (sisters to Elizabeth Olsen of The Avengers), who have spent much of their most years building their involvement in the fashion industry at the expense of their acting careers.

While thin and svelte continues to the standard on the fashion runway and for designers lining up Haute Couture and Ready-To-Wear sets, Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice of Spice Girls fame, recently rolled out her Resort 2017 collection which received attention from Vogue Magazine. Of course, it doesn't hurt that she is married to David Beckham, retired and heavily decorated football superstar and British cultural icon. When the international press mentions David Beckham think Britain's Pelé.

What are some of the broader trends for Resort collections in 2018 and perhaps beyond?

If you scoot over to Vogue, who currently claims to be the Messiah for all things fashion, their take is a little different. Pre-Fall's most notorious trends are, per Vogue's editors, no sandbagging by sandbanking and no influence from their prominent advertisers, they cite several head turning trends from which we will only pick a subset that's easier to remember.

Miniskirts - Miniskirts are Back courtesy of their favorites from Chanel (Karl Lagerfeld), Valentino (Pierpaolo Piccioli), and Coach (Stuart Vevers).

Cargo - But it doesn't stop there. Vogue also fawns over Cargo Pants and the Safari Style adapted by their Couturier du Jour, from Chloe and Maggie Marilyn (soft pink ensemble) to Emporio Armani super sexy selection with the gray khaki cargo pants complemented by a stand out blouse, jacket and matching hot burgundy leather shoes and handbag.

Belts - Skipping over a couple of Pre-Fall trends that didn't quite ring our bells, Vogue (along with a few other fashion publications) closes its selection by noting the new trends of designer belts, wide midsection belts some ornamented with signature broches and large logos. Paco Rabanne, Bottega Veneta and Roberto Cavalli make the cut, along with Valentino, Gucci and Victoria Beckham.

For its part Elle cited Chanel’s leg warmers and Oscar de la Renta's "cinderella-ish" tulle gowns as well as Gucci's Je Ne Sais Quoi expression in threads.

What are some of the other current notable trends in this sweeping fashion category?

Bell Bottoms are Back - The flares, started a few years ago, continue to blossom and now designers have started the return of the full-sized bell bottoms.

Color Blocking - More and more fashion designers like to give their customers the option of adding dramatic bright colors into their daily getups. Fear not from casual colors of T-shirts and jeans to very dramatic and bright color shirts, pants, socks and shoes. Bright, even annoyingly loud colors are a "requisite touch" to any cutting-edge Resort collection.

Racing Stripes -Stripes are back in a big way, from racing stripes to vertical stripes: designers are adding this motif to their newest casual and upscale collections.

Casual for All of Us - Meanwhile for the rest of us who are not into Resort, the casual fashion trends most recommended for the spring and summer continue to be pastel colors, polka dots patterns, denim and fringe separates but most of all, the Asymmetrical look is a must. Getting away from symmetrical or highly coordinated is the latest hot fashion button.

It’s the one thing guys can't pull off with a smile, wink or charm as much you can. So ladies that's one advantage they don't really have.

From asymmetrical hem lines (read slightly diagonal) to steeped shoulder necklines on blouses, But the overall stylish look is not any single fashion element that permeates your wardrobe, you need to mix it up from day to day and throw off your admirers with the emphasis being a spirit of casual fun.

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