Shizzing it with Shazam!!!

The new Shazam movie trailer just released and some think it's off the wall funny others think it's absolutely campy and gay.  I am not sure myself what to think of WB's newest attempt at bringing to life their superheroes' best and most popular.

WB is trying to do it the Marvel way.  Hopefully it wont end up the Batman 1960s Adam West campy variety, it's very easy to cross the line and ruin a movie with unintentional humor.  I wont believe WB is back onboard until they score a couple of features that match Marvel in popularity with moviegoers.

I love the scene where he is shaking his booty and then punches the concrete column.  Got me giggling on the floor.

The yo-yo game the "press" is playing with the fate of Cavill and Warner Brothers is entertainment all its own, as of this weekend the bold reporters are informing us that yeah it looks like Cavill will be doing a cameo in Shazam as Superman.  After several months of hype kicking up a storm about his falling out with Warner Brothers (of course on the heels of his most recent big budget movie MI Fallout), of course it's POETRY IN MOTION with movies and news, poetry with motion pictures.  They dont give out Oscars to news programmers?

Captain Marvel aka Shazam has the potential being such a novel superhero tone in movies, to beat Brie Larson's Captain Marvel?  But that puts our hero on a collision course with the Mightiest Avengers and their Endgame bow out sequel.  I am rooting for Shazam, the next few weeks are gonna be super exciting!