FAQs | Main Hub and Deluxe Editions


What is the difference between the Main Hub and the Deluxe Editions?

We have received a number of inquiries about the Deluxe Editions. Everyone seems to think the blog articles are our art book editions.

It's very simple. Our content is divided into two primary sections.

The Main Hub is where all the recent articles published as a "blog" piece can be found, where registered members post their comments for a specific article either in the blog directory or in our Art Book Editions. It's also where the Forums can be found where members can speak off on any topic they wish, whether we wrote an editorial or a revue or whether it's something they want to share that they read online or offline in the NY Times, the London Financial Times, the BBC, CNN, anything they want. The Forums are an unrestricted commenting space and they are in the Main Hub. The downloadable posters in High Definition High Quality large size format can also be found in the Main Hub. The Main Hub is where we also post alerts and announcements and where you will find links to our social media channels.

The process for registration and access into the Main Hub is automated and after your validate your new account you can login and use your membership privileges.

The Deluxe Editions is an entirely separate area where we publish online books in magazine format where the graphic design and artwork parallels those of art books in layout and design. These are NOT blog pieces.  Each edition is anywhere from 100 to 350 pages in length and is laid out just like a hardbound hardcover art book.

Login and access to the Deluxe Editions is entirely separate from the Main Hub and requires separate registration.  You can request a username and password by contacting our staff via the CONTACT form, however you should do so only after you have created a new account via the automated system and already have access to the Main Hub's Members Only content.