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Your privacy is important to us.

We do not use cookies to track your viewing patterns at our websites, in fact we do not use cookies, period!

As a matter of policy neither the publisher nor the publication, at any of our websites create cookies that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device.  The only cookies that are created are normally browser-session cookies, for the duration of use of the browser, these cookies are generated automatically by the browser software publishers (such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox).  The publisher does not have any active software that creates cookies neither for your browser sessions nor for your computer nor for your mobile device.

All information gathered for registration and access purposes are kept entirely confidential and are never shared with other third parties except the parties that you have authorized to provide us your information in the first place.  These parties would be Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and such, whom you authorize to authenticate your username and password in order to have access to our websites.  This infomation is NEVER shared to outside parties, only yourself, the publisher of West Coast Midnight Run™ and the social media provider (Google, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) have access to your information and only by your consent.  Your account can be deleted at any time by sending us an account delete request using the CONTACT form/link at our websites.

Many if not most of the social media platforms that authenticate your account for accessing our websites do NOT share your information with our database.  They only authenticate and validate your account with the information you provided them and then furnish our website system with a digital session token that allows you to access our content.  Your information is NOT disclosed to our systems.