Waiting on Arthur Curry aka Aquaman

Cant wait to see what the Aquaman trailer will be like?  Warner Brothers has been nudging and delaying this trailer for months just like The Flash movie which was supposed to be out a decade ago but has not started filming.  Now that AT&T bought out TimeWarner are they going to scramble the DCEU?  FYI the Aquaman trailer is supposed to be released to the public this weekend so if you are interested watch for it!

Remember seeing Aquaman warming up before plunging into the waters when Bruce was asking him to join the Justice League. Looked like he was having cold feet!

For some odd reason Screen Rant has become the go to "fan source" for all things comic books and comic book superhero movies, probably because they are paid or funded by the major studios - anyhoo they crank out their stories by the bushel and their supposed "leaks" change from month to month but so far they have indicated that Shazam and Wonder Woman The Sequel are a safe bet they will make it to the screen while the entire DCEU lineup is now anyone's guess.  Fun huh?

I just a got a sneak peak at the much hyped trailer of Aquaman and my feel is that cuts are spectacular and then look plain bad or weird - but overall the production looks better than I was expecting - and the music is very rousing but I keep telling myself this is a trailer designed to be more turbocharged than the movie itself. My main concern is the overall story - will it be lame?  will it have a strong finish?  so fingers crossed for December.