What's Up with Wisconsin?


Our nationwide volunteers base took it upon themselves to connect with a large group of small business owners in the state of Wisconsin.  Surprisingly, or not, depending on your perspective, none of them responded back leading our volunteers/leaders to do some net surfin and searchin only to find several red flags on the state of Wisconsin - including articles suggesting this once leading state is plunging into open resentment and political partisanship of the worst order. 

The Wisconsin Sentinel recently ran a op-ed that appeared on April 16, 2020 and had originally been published in Globe and Mail, titled "Once a great laboratory, Wisconsin is now a haven for the politics of resentment and revenge" these are very, very strong words. 

In addition with Covid-19 in full swing, another publication, Patch magazine ran a recriminatory piece referencing a Forbes article admonishing the leaders of the business community in Wisconsin for not stepping up and joining in the fight against the global pandemic "Wisconsin Billionaires Not Doing Much About Corona Virus".  

We have created this tab especially for residents and citizens of the state of Wisconsin, they may not feel comfortable for airing out their grievances in their local city and state newspapers but on our site, they are most welcome and can do so in complete privacy as they can post comments using aliases/pseudo names when they create their free accounts.  We look forward to reading some of their views and opinions and why the press seems to be singling out this state in particular.


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