Halloween An All Year Affair?


Gearing up for Halloween this week?  The holiday is one of those who is not one of the big one like Thanksgiving, Independence Day or New Year’s yet is often celebrated by enough individuals in the United States and overseas that it floats in the murky world between Major League and The Minors.

The funny thing about Halloween, is that unlike Christmas or Memorial Day, grown ups use the occasion to party hard just like the kids, in some quarters more grown up than ever take advantage of the Halloween spirit to party even though by all accounts it is really for the younger ones to go Trick or Treat and enjoy the mystery, fun, serenity of being up all night scampering in the darkness in ghoulish costumes and enjoying the other worldly atmosphere of an eerie, super quiet world bathed in the moonlight.

As compared to what you may be asking? 

As compared to the normal routine of young kids, that are into getting up in the morning and going to school or playing in the daylight.  Well if you think about it, for most pre-teens nighttime is bedtime so Halloween is once-a-year the occasion to enjoy the playground that adults find themselves into year around, the city and the neighborhood at night with all that entails.

Unfortunately, a major side effect of the huge growth in popularity of video games and cartoon shows that were meant for teenagers and pre-teens but have over the most recent decades become a mainstay for adult consumers, so has the tradition of getting a Halloween costume, and going to an all adult party, dressed to impress, and hopefully to get lucky.


It’s not that adults do not have the occasion to dress up in costumes year around, Mardi Gras festivals and the spirit of New Year’s revelry all night long, has also expanded in what is known as Cosplay (an abbreviation for Costume and Play) where adults go out of their way to mimic onscreen actors or fabled characters in their costumes – even dabbing facial paint and gluing latex layers to alter their facial appearance far beyond just putting on a ballroom mask.  Cosplay has been growing for years, starting with small fan driven conventions in the 1970s which were mostly fêted by college students and twenty somethings.

Buoyed by huge incentives from the world of science fiction, fantasy and horror movies, Cosplay events have become the stage where grown-ups from fortysomething mix it up with twentysomethings in masquerades just like at Halloween and Mardi Gras and attend in the hopes of scoring huge attention from friends and strangers and possibly more than just flirting and bantering with new faces.




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