Thor, Mjolnir and Hela

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Well some folks on Facebook are busy chattering about Thor, Hela and Mjolinir, I mean the hot debate goes, how could Hela hold or crush Mjolnir the hammer that only Thor can lift because only he "is worthy"? 

It's a super hot debate in one of the comics books groups and we thought we'd invite our own readers to comment on this hot button topic (in only a few days it garnered over 350 comments and countless retorts and emojis). 

So you're all invited to shoot away at this perplexing paradox in Asgardian mythology.

Thanks for the text Heather, you alerted me to this post and asked me if I could contribute?  Gladly.  Funny thing Marvel has not been very consistent in its story on Thor.  The comics have one variety going and the movies make it up as they go along and can take any liberties as we have seen on many comic book movie adaptations. 

For one thing we know for a fact that Captain American can lift the magic hammer, not at first but in the heat of battle and to save Thor from Thanos, Mjolnir sensed the danger and allowed Captain America to lift it and use it against the unstoppable villain.  Outside of this movie adaptation there is the fabled comic book limited edition in which Superman is also able to lift the hammer in a humorous Marvel and DC Comics unorthodox story which pits the God of Thunder against The Man of Steel.  To Thor's amazed look, "Superman is worthy" and able to wield Thor's preferred weapon against him.

There are many conjectures why Hela can lift or crush the hammer.  All if not most are fan-made theories.  Marvel never came out with an explanation and one can surmise they left the matter unclear on purpose, to stir up fan chatter and interest in future movies.  One of the most repeated theory is that Odinson (father to both Thor and Hela) had initially made the hammer for himself and when he gave it to Thor, that also automatically gave Hela the power to lift it (and wow, crush it like it was a cookie).  We've never seen Thor able to crush his indestructible hammer but now that Marvel has shown us what Hela can do, we presume Thor can do it just as easily.  If you are from the Odinson family then that power resides with them (I think not Loki, he is adopted).

Pffft deep down Hela is an Amazon, like all the super chicks in comics, I mean Wonder Woman is also one who could lift Thor's hammer because she also like Superman is worthy. In the movie Ragnarok, supposedly at one point Hela was the right hand man of Odinson in war to save Asgard (before Thor was born).  None of this was in the comics so clearly it was done to tease and frustrate older fans into Thor lore, most of my friends and those in the movie theater never got the Ooooh WTH from that scene.