Marvel Movies Post Endgame

This forum folder will be all about Marvel movies and the new MCU Phase slated to launch after Avengers Endgame

Marvel seems to be really vague and unclear about what is to follow after Endgame, except that it HAS A NEXT PHASE and in looking at the Marvel movies for 2020 almost all of them have NO Titles, we dont know what they are and we are half-way done with 2019, meaning 2020 is almost here and yet no teasers, trailers or anything for the year 2020, we dont even know what sequels are being released much less what the Phase or next block of films will be about.  Not like Marvel to be this secretive, usually they adore the publicity and buzz from the fans.

The Joker this year is forgettable like the experiment in horror movies, X-Men Mutants, fogettable and probably not worthy of a global release, strictly for domestic audiences but looking over the pre-release teasers it looks like a well-budgeted fan-made project.