Daisy Ridley in Rise of Skywalker

So much excitement regarding the new Star Wars trailer for Rise of Skywalker and Rey with a Sith Lord Lightsaber.  Does Rey go to the dark side??? Clickbait??? Welll duh the fact that online gossip media is all over pumping just this VERY NARROW ANGLE without as much as reaching out to Daisy Ridley for comment,

  why is that? not a single comment from the actress herself, should tell you something.  Still clueless?

  Disney pre premiere publicity scheme designed to pump up the audience and there is something else that's odd about the trailer but maybe some of you can tell me rather than just spilling all my "imaginative" impressions on my fellow members.

Hmmm  @affleck91 You have to ask?  CLICKBAIT!  Disney has extended their Marvel fan gaming strategy to Star Wars and in so doing some of us can see so clearly thru all of their gyrations.

What can I do?  Mother nature made me part animal, I cant help drooling even when it's bad stuff.  Like so many fellow Star Wars nerds was waiting impatiently for a glimpse of the grandiose opus Disney believes it is offering viewers in the "closing chapter of the original saga".  Damn some of the footage in the final trailer looks so exciting and like great cinematography.  But for a $100 Million dollar movie it's bound to look hot ESPECIALLY IN A TRAILER, they all did, all of the Star Wars movies look incredible in the trailers - will the story be another wishy washy tepid rehash of previous Star Wars moments???  JJ Abrans is no Alfred Hitchcock and no Stanley Kubrik - so let's hope it's not yet another pathetic letdown.

the local hardware store boys are taking bets this new Rise of Skywalker adventure will show us Daisy disassemble and re-assemble a Luke Skywalker lightsaber - Tony Stark and his Iron Man kits not included!

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me and BB8 are watching tonight's Oscars and so far zip for Rise of Skywalker?  What in the cosmos is going on? The Sith Lords love the outing of this saga.  Talk about Terra and her stingy species!