Gigi Hadid and Beverly Hills Mansion


According to The Telegraph and celebrity reporter Nick Allen (The Telegraph•November 23, 2019) a judge ordered the mansion built by Gigi Hadid's father torn down because as her daddy said it was a "witch hunt"     

I dont know much about this particular instance but I know property developers hire contractors who create the architectural designs and submit plans to the city for review and to issue a permit for construction, then city inspectors review the construction to make sure it adheres to the approved plans that were issued a permit.   

So when things go south, the people in court who get sued are the architectural firm, the engineers and inspectors, it's never the property developer - UNLESS THE PROPERTY DEVELOPER DECIDED TO PLAY ENGINEER AND OVERRIDE THE SPECIALISTS' expertise but that never happens - the reason a developer hires these people is to guard against these liabilities.  So why Mr. Hadid is being held liable and not the construction company and the city inspectors?  He should be suing the city inspectors for lapses in performing their municipal obligations and duties under the city charter.


am in tears my mass-cara is flowing, damn public works tax write offs, cost me $500K including demolition and now I write it off as $500 Million loss on my balance sheets - boo hoo Citibank, Bank of America and Cal Can Credit Unions!

Ahhh what loads of money can buy you, when you are part of the media circus and need a PR stunt to pump up the brand value of Bella and Gigi Hadid.  The city inspectors have the authority to shut down the site following the inspection of the finished foundations BEFORE construction proceeds to pouring the slab for the first level of the house (presently four floors) so how did the contractor pour foundations that are not earthquake code compliant when they are obligated to build per code at a minimum whether the design plans indicate so or otherwise - otherwise the contractor loses their license.  Various media news agencies are reporting a ton of "facts" but they are ignoring the most basic of the process developers and contractors follow per code and law.  Do you see a ton of cases in court over contractors building below code requirements????  This does NOT happen anywhere especially not in Los Angeles.  It's a story and a few peeps are on the "payroll" to create a circus for Hadid, to pump up their star value.  Next thing we know it's a year long affair where the Hadid name is in the fame spotlight - and the sacrifices they make in court appearances - but if any kind of business norms were followed this would fall on the heads of the city inspectors and the contractors.  So it's most likely a showbiz stunt for audiences who dont know any better.

There are literally millions of construction engineers and construction managers who work from NY and Florida to Washington and California not to mention those who work in Canada and the UK where the laws and process/procedures are almost identical.  Yet despite this high profile story that has been published in all major newspapers in the US and UK, I didnt remark any engineers who pointed out the flaws in the Los Angeles judge actions and the lack of any accountability being reproached or heaped directly at the inspectors and contractors?  Too funny this is a super high profile story so it's impossible that thousands of construction engineers and managers have not read and identified the problems in the account presented by the news mediaWhere are they?  I scanned a large number of stories from different newspapers in the US and UK.  None of the reporters seem to have interviewed engineers or contractors not involved in this for their take on what should have happened and the attorney for Mr. Hadid?  is the firm he has on the payroll asleep?  or did his firm willfully sign a deviate order for the constructors to build a non compliant structure?  That still does not clear the responsibility of the city inspectors who are required to review the foundations as they are built.