Star Wars Face Time

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I tried posting some links from this website's content on Facebook fan groups and it was mostly met with deletions and sarcasm from members who obviously were either moderators in disguise or ass kissers to the moderator established culture at that particular group. However what emerged is a culture of banning members for "spam" or "self promotion" even when you post something informative about another publisher that has nothing to do with you.  Where is the "self-promotion" and in the same timeframe keep in mind I see hundreds of posts advertising the video party for a video game title or a beauty brand advisor and somehow these are NOT self-promotion they represent major brand endorsements.

So I sent the admin of Star Wars Unleashed fan club this little message

Hi Mauriece I understand you are the admin or moderator for the Star Wars Unleashed group of which I am a member, I wanted to run this announcement by you before posting, not sure if it is OK by rules and policies it is Star Wars related link that has a movie review by an independent publisher and a unique set of music videos that I thought would really interest some of the members, take a look and if it is OK you can post it yourself or let me post it

There is much more coming soon in our complete music editorial presentation and film review, it will be published as we near the big holidays so keep looking us up.

I also sent Maurice this additional comment:

In general I would think providing info to Star Wars fans as to BBC communities would be like telling fans about a sci-fi convention or Star Wars event but it seems that is subject to interpretation with Facebook groups, outside of Facebook it's a no brainer, looking forward to your response and thanks for your guidance.

That's right unless you want to get banned from the group or from Facebook entirely it is advisable to clear any comment you want to post with the Admin or the moderators - that is the advice you get from some experienced members on Facebook.  Otherwise of course you are free to like and fawn and favorite any comment posted and cleared beforehand by the moderators for members. 

Facebook is seeking to recruit fans that favorite and like pre-approved content for their advertisers.  It is NOT an open forum as the merchants advertising there would love for you to believe.