Covid 19 Disasters

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I am commenting on your earlier post on May 18 on Twitter and again on British seaside crowds on June 25th.

    As we predicted in May 18th Twitter tweet, "Human Bomb" explodes in #Britain while hospitals in USA report renewed spike in #COVID19 deaths following massive #GeorgeFloydprotest like massive oil & garbage slick following a storm that washes ashore, standing room only #COVIDIOTS.

I initially reacted by suggesting this is a "Lemming Effect" but on second thought after noticing that the NY Times ran a similar story and is downplaying the risk of contamination in crowds it occurred to me that newspapers stand a lot to loose from fewer shoppers at Cafes, shops and lower tourism in general. Large segments of the economy have an inherent incentive and self interest in telling everyone IT'S OK TO SHOP AND ITS OK IN CROWDS even if you violate the safety precautions because NOW THE NEWSPAPERS ARE ARGUING it is NOT for an extended period of time. Its terrible what lies and crimes are perpetrated in the name of commerce and the cash register.