LOVE - truth, lies, possession, and freedom



 Boy was I wrong when I said its basically porn. I thought so momentarily as it opened with an affectionately sensual scene of mutual masterbation, a sign of consideration and tenderness between Murphy and Electra, usually absent in porn. After my initial suprise I realized they actually care about eachother. Then it suddenly shifts to him waking up with Omi, another woman. It does this quite a few times through the movie getting longer between shifts for most of it then shifting faster back and forth between points in time towards the end like his perception of reality and recollection. The life he currently wakes up to pales in comparison to the point in time he constantly reminisced and its taking a toll on his mental health. His inability to remember the past from a positive positive perspective might be a clue to why he is unhappy with his decisions. His adventurous past with Electra included experimentation with sex and drugs then addiction to both and eachother. They both had a fantasy of having sex with their significant other and a blonde girl they eventually find named omi as well as their own separate fantasies. They eventually couldn't accept eachothers difference in preferences and inability to understand them. Michael Larson said, "The difference between love and lust clarifies as trust".  Murphy couldnt trust Electra because he couldnt respect her as a free human with preferences. Electras insistence on drug usage during sex has created a surreal place they never want to leave. Murphy impregnating Omi unbeknownst to Electra was a betrayal of Electras expectations of loyalty. Electra wanting to share the love with multiple people betrays Murphys expectations of loyalty. So again, simply put, They cant accept there are some things they will never understand. Before they realize this, they lose respect for eachother and become unwilling to change for eachother... but mainly Murphy honestly he kinda of seemed like a bitch for not banging that tranny but you like what you like and you cant force someone to do something they dont want to do. We all do things we dont want to do so suck a tranny dick dude, we all should. How do you know you dont like if you haven't done it? Ive skipped ahead but only a bit and so does the movie. They tried more adventurous sex because it was recommended by a police officer to open his mind to sharing their happiness but Murphy was selfish and wanted her all to himself only he didnt realized he already did but he ruined it by using his american pride and self victimization as an excuse to be an entitled asshole.

Thank you, @selenadiaz97 for recommending this movie. Love is life and life is love so we should love life like i love "LOVE" 

Ps, That baby was a good actor.

I was laughing at the manner you tried to make that line into poetry but it doesnt work.  If Love is Life how come so many are drifting in life without it, falling into love and falling out of love but are you suggesting these and so many people are dead? and only when in love they are alive?  I think life is life and love for many is an essential element, depending on the circumstances, I think also love has been indoctrinated to the masses as an essential must have, like a cinderella fairy tale however in recent years, mass merchandising of love has also run into many film productions that depict the disillusionment and trap many people feel trying to own or capture the ideal portrayed to them.  Love in many movies and stories is bleak, as it is in this one,  and it is not always the most important thing, in some stories it is heroism, chivalry, living up to your standards and refusing to compromise your principles, and so on.  There are many other things in life that make life an adventure and worth living besides love - and there is no guarantee that love is ever lasting in any person's life.  It's a drug, a stimulant, a neurosis, it is also a glue for people on many levels that does a lot things to a human being but Love is Life?  Ummm, I have a big question mark about that.

I was quoting Electra but I forgot to actually quote it like i did the Michael Larson line. I think youre taking it too literally. If youre not loving life or at least something in it, whats the point of being alive? I know thats angsty. The counter is some people are perfectly fine with no purpose but I dont think they are. I dont think anyone will ever be "fine". No matter how successful someone becomes they'll always want more, have regrets, doubts, ... They love money and money keeps us alive. Those without something to love may be alive but to me, they are not living. English is just made up sounds and symbols to convey what we feel or think; Life is just a made up word to describe things with capabilities of growth and reproduction. Love is another made up word to describe a feeling most cant explain. Not everyone should have the same definition or conveyance of love. I agree its been engrained in us through tradition and consumerism. Heroism, chivalry, and ethics are all motivated by love... Love for the fellow human being that loves oneself. Love should be everlasting through life because you should always love yourself. There's always room for improvement but i love to imrpove. The many other things that make life an adventure worth living would be things that one loves to do right? I also used to believe it was nothing but a chemical reaction in my brain but we dont actually know whats happening in our brain when its happening. The brain but more so the mind is a final frontier that seem impossible to settle. Everything is a drug and we can become addicted to anything we make a hibit. Love itself isnt a literal drug but a combination of biochemicals and external influences just like anyother feeling in life its the only feeling besides hate we keep on a pedestal because if its magnitude.  Can you do me a favor and listen to the song "lost the love" by Onoe Caponoe? I love that song tell me what you think about it and give me more questions and suggestions please thanks

This place does not usually do romance or drama movies, their entire focus is action movies, I admire the initiative of including an erotic movie on the forums, its a first I will hand you that.  do you mind @selenadiaz97 if I throw in my two cents?  

did you read my comment on the article?  what do you think of rotten tomatoes? do you rely on their score?  did you read this publisher's review of Endgame, the full length review for Members Only?  what did you think of the movie and the points made by the reviewer?