Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Nothing Says Olympics like Rio 2016
Come on you've aching for a break from sequilitis and the Hollywood summer bombs?  Tired of being the substitute paparazzi photo screener for Taylor Swift and the Kardashians?  Nothing new on the Kate Mara/Jamie Bell love duet since their vacation in Mexico?  Nothing says a fresh batch of excitement and cheering off the edge of your seat like live competition from the most prestigious host of the world's best athletes and sports professionals - although by official rules of the IOC these are rated "amateurs" of the sport.  Yet by every day standards, the IOC permits you and I to view them as living gods of superhuman stature and performance.
The Rio Olympics kicked off its opening festival at the first of this month and nobody can throw a party or a festival like the folks down under, we're not suggesting Australia even though by all accounts the official "down under" peeps are party animals.  This time the party is in South America, and bets are on that not only Rio is in a festive mood but so are its neighbors in Caracas, Quito, Bogota and Bueno Aires.
The opening ceremonies of the XXXI Olympiad were rumored to be for a six day stretch, an Olympian record in itself in the modern history of the Games.  Chances are the Amazon Forest defoliation for real estate swap deals, the drug traffic, the human traffic and the kidnappings for ransom are on suspension as visitors are welcomed into one of the hottest and warmest spots in the Americas.
With 205 countries participating and 306 events encompassing 42 classes of sport categories, the daily competitions, from swimming and running to archery, boxing, basketball, canoing, cycling, fencing and kayaking are full on and thus far the tally is as follows:
Final tally as of 8/22/16
Gold Medals:  307 awarded thus far, USA leads with 46 wins
Silver Medals: 307 awarded thus far, USA leads with 37 and UK in 2nd place with 23 wins
Bronze Medals: 360 awarded thus far, USA leads with 38 and China is in 2nd place with 26 wins
Brazil 19 medal wins: 7 Gold, 6 Silver, 6 Bronze with the most gold medals for any summer Olympics game
A total of 974 medals were awarded to Olympians at Rio.
The most controversial game:   Women 400 Meter Track USA vs Bahamas, Shaunae Miller of the Bahams dived across the finish line landing in the horizontal face down to the track position, narrowly edging out USA Allyson Felix for the gold
The most contested game:  Japan vs Russia All-Around Men's Gymnastics, Japan seizes the gold by the narrowest of margins over Russia, by 9/100 of a point.
The final closing ceremonies on Sunday August 21 brought to an end a 17 day event that started on August 5, 2016 filled with music, dancing and festive color.