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They definitely seem to be pandering to the masses in order to make the movie more revenue or maybe they were just bribed to give a good review becuase theyre one of the most popular publications. I only saw critic quotes and they were all trash like its the best one or must watch. The movie definitely doesnt deserve a 94 but i really enjoyed it. I like spoilers becuase i feel like i know classified information and i dont spread it for the sake of those that love surprises but i do find it funny when people cry about the movie being spoiled. 

I agree wtith most of the review members only review. The time travel foul ups were a distracting break in suspension of disbelief but this whole thing is fiction. How else cam you do physically impossible shit with creating a paradox? While they should stick to the previously stated logic they had a goal to wrap things up in a way that will make people tell others to see the movie. There also seems to be a lot unnecessary stuff to strike emotion or make references. This movie is like a mass produced soup with grandmas recipe.

Nawwwwww mi amor LMAO you cheated this time and its too obvious, you went for a quickie on my expense, the reason I chose this site is because they have very thought out and long reviews unlike those at Rotten Tomatoes or a brief capsule from Vanity Fair.  Take a look at the members review piece, write out all the main points made by the reviewer and then comment on each and every major point in the review, piece by piece, no shortcuts and no quickies QUICKIE MAN!  Yell


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"Avengers Endgame is not of itself an artistic or dramatic breakthrough or a self-contained movie.  Fans and new moviegoers to the franchise should not expect anything new except for some surprising plot twists in the confrontation with Thanos."


I agree. I would go so far as to say its an unoriginal inside joke that i enjoy watching because im easily entertained 




"At 22 movies it is not only a tired formula it’s exploitative and some moviegoers can see the seams."


Fool me once shame on you, fool me twenty-two times maybe i really enjoy being fooled. Not everything can be original especially with something like this intended for masses




"Thor goes Aquaman with a huge expansive waistline but it’s a built-in sketch or map legend for the Endgame movie itself which feels a bit clunky."




"Perhaps they were going for LOTR feel, the different characters’ expanded background stories get an unusual treatment for a Marvel movie and perhaps they should have closed this phase, Phase 3 with a trilogy of movies rather than an epic Infinity War and a super long clunky Endgame."


They couldve made more money and better movies instead of pushing out the product and shelfing the concepts, but maybe they knew covid was coming so they quickly broke down the carcass and froze the meat leaving a big pile of bones and guts aka the stuff nobody wants but actually needs. Pardon the hunting metaphor. Maybe its about time we move on.




Im just gonna start this by asking how can you be mad at invalid logic in a superhero movie? You should know better than to try and devide by zero. Thinking about time travel and shit you dont understand is a pointless distraction here because half this shit is unexplainable or just impossible. 

You cant expect realistic logic and physics to hold up a fictional unrealistic realm, so i refuse to waste my time bickering about something nobody truly understands and i especially dont care about. I know the hulk lied, boo frikity hoo! I enjoy watching the movie not thinking about it while goes on in the background so why be mad because the hulks misinformation distracted me? Like i said half this shit is impossible 




 "Plus in the new scene in Endgame the exchange between Parker and Stark seems a little off because Pepper Potts, his wife is on the scene and she should be the one to have that moment with her husband.  The scriptwriters throwing and inserting Peter into that scene creates an awkward and hokey dramatic moment given that Tony’s love is standing there.  But the filmmakers thought, well let’s just milk this for all its worth, the viewers were so touched by it in the previous movie."


I dont remember exactly what happened so im just gonna say maybe its because pepper isnt an avenger. Maybe its a commradery thing idk i dont remember.




"What made me bust up laughing is not the dazzling array of female superheroes assembled in one frame, it’s as if they lined up for a football team photo, but rather the question that popped in my mind - were they on lunch break or having a snack and were not at various spots on the battlefield?  Maybe they were letting the guys have all the fun and were busy trading war stories.  Regardless of all of the previous action shots where many of them were battling different enemy forces, they instantaneously appear around Captain Marvel and Peter Parker to form the all-star female superhero team to rousing action music."


Seems pretty pandery to women but more power to yas. They shouldve integrated into the story better so it didnt look like an obvious token but they dont seem to care about subtlety so far so why expect it now? 




"When writers/filmmakers are required to cast female actors as strong or stronger than male characters, they are better served by creating an original and all new female character rather than changing the rules midway in the story or creating visible inconsistencies in the narrative so they can make the character an eyesore standout."


What i got from this is that theyre making thor look weak to make Captain marvel look strong? Or just males in general? I thought this was about the relationship between thors physique and magic powers. If so its all impossible the logic dont matter. If its the previous point then yeah another break in suspension of disbelief but arent we used to that if not addicted to it after 22 movies of impossible shit?




"Finally if The Hulk was screaming in agony when he put on the Infinity Gauntlet and attempted the reverse snap, it is so awe inspiring and blatant macho heroics when a feeble beaten up Iron Man puts the Infinity Gauntlet on and does the reverse snap while stoically and defiantly proclaiming I AM IRON MAN.  Well if there was story consistency Stark would not have been able to tolerate the gauntlet as he slipped it on.  Second would Stark be so stupid as to attempt to put it on?  The Hulk was not on the battlefield but Thor would have been far more able to wield the gauntlet than mere mortal Stark. He may not have put on extra pounds but Stark is not Oliver Queen who constantly trains his muscles and physique for mortal combat without a super suit.  Stark may be an egomaniac but he is the brain and strategist of the team.  In this scene, story plausibility and character integrity are compromised as they were on several occasions."


Pretty pandery wild card and another break in suspension... im not suprised but im also not mad because i didnt create these characters and what they're "supposed to be"




"If I had a goal of asserting female power in an intelligent manner, the moment arises when the Scarlet Witch faces off against Thanos showing off her immense powers she acquired from an Infinity Stone. She practically rips him apart and that should have been it.  Thanos did not have any of the stones on him.  But oh no, Thanos proves much stronger than any single superhero powered by an Infinity Stone. Incredible and incomprehensible.

Both the Scarlet Witch and Vision had Infinity Stone powers.  The same goes for Captain Marvel but for some sequel derived reason, only Captain Marvel can defeat Thanos in hand to hand combat.  Scarlet Witch, the scriptwriters want you to go fetch Captain Marvel and the all-star female team some coffee and some Halloween treats."


It seems theyre also bi polar in that they keep switching genders to pander to so why chose this when there was other moments that couldve been the end too. Captain marvel was a metaphor for marvel itself being all powerful... they tell the story however the fuck they want!




"My question to the team, both the characters and the scriptwriters, would such a team that has been through so many setbacks and experiences over the course of 20 some movies risk endangering the life of their most valuable asset should matters go south on the battlefield?


They would answer "YES BECAUSE FUCK YOU GIVE YOU, GIVE ME MONEY." Maybe were not as attatched to hulk as tony so when hes in danger were more emotional. We watch movies because they do that ya know. Fuck a plan b marvel goes all in.




"Everyone can be faulted for failure as Thor is reminded in this movie, so it’s nothing that Marvel’s production team can’t fix if they were getting a wee bit lazy after a decade of non-stop mega successes and accolades."


Or they knew... no but endgame was lame Infinity war is the opposite of a bore. I agree but i enjoyed both

I could go point by point on your comments but you probably should add a number to each so I can refer to each without rephrasing yours.  I also think you should tighten all the extra empty paragraphs for an easier read, your comments look massive, it might scare a moderator LOL.

Hey @Whothephukaml you honestly disappointed me, LMAO, now I know we probably wont make great conversation on scifi movies.  I picked this one because it was a colossal turkey hiding under a massive commercial success, probably because like me, we all loved the previous movies and were not expecting such a big compost of bad entertainment.  You casually dismissed lot of the points in the review by basically going SO WHAT ITS FICTION MOST OF IT IS BS ANYWAY.  I for one do not want to waste my time or money on BS LOL. 

You heard of Merlin the Wizard and Excalibur?  Now that is fantasy, total magic BS which never attempts to explain itself in any rational form.  When we look at superhero movies like Superman, why do the publishers spend decades coming up with logical rational for the public on his superpowers and what he can and cannot do?  Sure it has elements of fantasy but the core of the series is based on science fiction.  For me science fiction is not FICTION, this is not a comedy, a comedy is fiction, its not a Bambie movie that is a fantasy, this is SCIENCE fiction where those who make it are supposed to attract me who enjoys a smart, well written story based on science and not Fast and Furious fantasy action.  Fast and Furious is already in fantasy land with its visual stunts and I never complain because it does not go, WELL HEY BABY I AM A SCIENCE FICITON movie.  Fast and Furious is total fantasy action and I enjoy it completely. 

My biggest gripe is that there are lots better sci-fi novels that treat time travel with far more demanding thought and stretch the readers' thinking and make you think.  There are movies on time travel that have treated this issue with far more intelligence.  The problem with this movie?  We got the special effects and the budget, no one is going to notice its crap, we got the weepy moments and we got the big spectacular stunts and massive space animation scenes, who cares if we screw the very core of the premise around which the adventure is going to unwind.  My comment is why even have Endgame if you are going to screw it so bad.  The movie should have ended with Infinity War, our heroes dead and Thanos wins, that is it. Period.  The next movie introduces new heroes from the Marvel Universe and new characters without doing the Spock brought back to life which was another lame movie in the Star Trek universe.  Which means Spider-man and Doctor Strange should not have been on the ship on the way to Titan LMAO.  And Black Panther should not have been killed off in the snap. I'll agree with you, of course I enjoyed it on some level but it does not change the fact it was a big disappointment and nowhere as much fun as some of the earlier mavel movies like the Iron Man trilogy.

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