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Spider-Man Homecoming | From Columbia Pictures and Sony Tom Holland stars as a young Peter Parker struggling to be worthy of The Avengers Club while balancing homework at school, extra-curricular activities such as putting it nastier high-tech equipped bad guys who recycle weapons from The Avengers and their formidable foes.   Flanked by Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) as mentor and Iron Man guardian, aunt Mae (Marisa Tomei) and buddies at school (Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, Laura Harrier).  A music editorial treatment from West Coast Midnight Run with the music influence of M83, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Gwen Stefani, and leading music notables.

While we await the publication of the movie review portion of our editorial presentation you are invited in enjoying our three-piece music editorial of Spider-Man Homecoming and additional Spider-Man related editorial critiques.
It's been a while since  I sat in a movie theater to watch a Spider-Man movie and had so many conflicting thoughts on the merits of the film while having had minimum investment in the buzz and excitement directed at moviegoers prior to the premiere weekend.
The press media reports have become alarmingly less news like and more more an extension of the studio's promotional machine, and this isnt something that's just Sony and Disney, it's across the board in the showbiz entertainment industry.  Endless daily reports from Forbes to the Verge, The Daily Mail, The Guardian, Fox News, CNN, Screenrant, Comicbooks, YouTube and an endless list of high profile media outlets dripping, prior to the movie's opening, everything from "easter eggs", plot spoilers (the movie hasn't opened yet) to the latest tweet or proclamation from any of the actors, directors, producers or industry experts, even those remotely connected with the project.  
The frenzy reaches a fever pitch days before the first screening by the public and it's no accident.  This is the marketing model and script that is now Bible in movieland.  For the sake of enjoying the film, some of us simply tune out most of the media clamor and, you may not believe this, it can take some doing to avoid polluting your opinion and mindset before seeing the movie.  Gossip bites and screaming headlines are a little difficult to skip over when they are front page splash items on Yahoo, Google, MSN and every other internet engine and web portal you can think of (AOL, Lycos, Qwant) touting feeds from the Big Three and stock "reports" from Reuters to the Associated Press.
You need some serious maneuvers and super skills to keep yourself in the dark and able to enjoy the film free from the "junk" and clunk that is churning all around you, especially if you work in an industry tied to the entertainment machine and your job is to produce editorial pieces that are distinct from the usual avalanche that is sweeping the landscape.  How to craft a distinct piece when almost every other "lead" being published by the majors has "spoiler" warnings and is employing this hook to draw in eyeballs, traffic and ratings points.  There is so much pandering by the columnist or line editor to the entertainment property that at some point you wonder if there is any journalism, as defined by Academia, in the press.
Spider-Man Homecoming has been especially interesting as it seems the movie reviewers and industry were experiencing a spasm following this year's high profile bombs from Ghost in The Shell, The Mummy to King Arthur Legend of The Sword and more tepid returns from movies such as Alien Covenant.  It's possible the movie industry is currently in the midst of a "franchise" model over-extension crisis but these issues are sporadically and anecdotally receiving mention in some stories.
In the newest reboot of Spider-Man Homecoming, Tom Holland is cast as a much younger Peter Parker, resetting the timeline prior to the initial 2002 Sam Raimi record-setting movie with Tobey Maguire and Kristen Dunst.  Sony and Columbia Pictures' strategy were second-guessed early on by the press with many columnists questioning if the public will digest another iteration with a new cast, especially after an aborted series with an extremely hot and popular couple, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.
After five mega Spider-Man tentpole movies from Sony, Homecoming follows a somewhat different storyline, more importantly a different timeline, than the one made dear to fans by its authentic interpretation of the comic book canon - established over decades by Marvel Comics, now part of Marvel Entertainment and The Disney Empire.
Tom Holland was inducted to the Web slinging tradition, firmly established by the Maguire and Garfield interpretations, in Captain America Civil War as a last minute recruit by Iron Man against the schism that damages The Avengers in the follow-up to The Age of Ultron.  Holland's turn and the character's persona were greeted with both strong cheers and boos from new fans and those disenchanted by The Amazing Spider-Man series and by those loyal to Maguire and Garfield.
Spiderman, Peter Parker, is no longer a senior graduating from high school and facing the grim challengers of the workforce and the labor market, he is a very young student just beginning to wade through the murky waters of adolescence, high school puppy love, and disapproving teachers and principals, peer pressure and how to act to be part of the popular scene.
But as all moviegoers know, these troubles are enough to sink into distress any average teenager, Peter Parker is not a normal teen.  The delightfully geeky and civic minded teen also piles on his plate the troubles and crime agendas of his boroughs in New York City and he doesnt have a driver's license yet to drive to his date's house.  Aunt Mae (Marisa Tomei) has to do the honors and she plays the role of Mom with a little more nerve and neurotica than Rosemary Harris' wonderful turn.  To my senses, Tomei channels Mom with an interplay reminiscent of The Karate Kid with Ralph Macchio.
To set themselves distinctly apart from the legendary Tobey Maguire Spider-Man and to also create a world apart from the other Marvel movie series (the leading superheroes of The Avengers), Spider-Man Homecoming adopts a decidedly teen movie platform replete with winks and plagiarizations from the 1980s and 1990s onslaught, making an obvious nod to one of the era's most notorious and long-lived director of big hits such as Ferris Bueller's Day Off (which Deadpool also winked at), Some Kind of Wonderful and The Breakfast Club - RIP John Hughes.
You would not be far off the mark if you jumped to the conclusion that Homecoming's filmmakers were merging the winning (innocent and patriotic) qualities of Captain America with the neurotic and hyper self-absorbed New York persona of Iron Man's Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.).  The more I watch Robert Downey Jr. the more I am struck how closely he shoots for a variety of Woody Allen's trademarks as the consummate New Yorker.  In this movie both Director Watts and Downey craft a set of lines that show off Tony Stark as a little more mature and concerned "father figure" as well as absent minded and typically self-engrossed billionaire at play (ahem ... at work, because he does not discern the differences between the two realms).
The Vulture Weapon of Choice - Impossible Tech for Nerds and Geeks
If you are reading our review it's possible you are a long-time superhero or science fiction fan, we would not be doing our job if we do not point out the very thing today's savvy audience wants to read about.  The flaws and warts in a movie that could have surpassed the original Spider-Man if the filmmakers were less artists and had a science advisor onboard to do the reality check for them.
Vulture is the main bad guy in this movie, and as well crafted his transition is from every day New Yorker small contractor to super star villain there are several hiccups in the movie, even Michael Keaton's superb acting skills and stint as Batman cannot overcome.  The weapon of choice to make geeks drool and to connect this Spider-Man adventure to the Marvel MCU series is its biggest Achilles heel - The Helicarrier concept from S.H.I.E.L.D.   Any high school science geek would know that the fans installed on the Vulture wings are not thick enough to generate the kind of pressure differentials across the intake and discharge to produce sufficient thrust to rocket him away at such speed, altitudes and with sharp angles of attack that would push even jet fighters into a stall if they attempted them. 


Saw your update on Twitter, loved the video, excellent work and have to see the movie yet as all the kids have made a bee line to the theaters, but always wanted to see a Spider-Man joins the X-Men movie rather than The Avengers.  The brash Wolverine and The young X-Men's rebellious streak would be a ton of fun for the Spidey personality to play into in a movie.  When will Marvel do the fans a favor and create a team-up?  Plus the X-Men franchise could use a booster from a crossover seeing that DC Comics does a ton of crossovers with Green Arrow and The Flash.

Your twitter tweet on Spider-Man peeked my curiosity so I came back to your site (I've posted here before) and your video is such good work, kudos.  My favorite Spider-Man right now is Tom Holland, maybe I am just bored of having watched the previous movies one too many times and this film is a fresh adventure, I might have a different view on whose the best Spiderman come the sequel to this movie.  Fingers crossed.

I am not sure how this movie will mesh with the established canon of Spider-Man, he is not out of high school yet and he is being inducted into the world of The Avengers and Iron Man/Tony Stark.  How will the sequels play out if Tony is his mentor?  Will he be looking for a job and seeking a penny for a photo at the Daily Bugle when Tony is his friend and brother-in-arms?  The new reboot may completely diverge from the entire universe that Peter Parker at the Daily Bugle have helped serve entertainment to fans for decades and helped shape the Peter Parker/Spiderman personna.  Just pointing out an oddity in the new reboot trajectory.

I love the new take on Spider-Man and his foray into the world of The Avengers but would have been more interesting if Captain America had approached him and set him straight on the conflict inside The Avengers, which side would Peter Parker choose then?  I think Captain America and Spidey is a more fun team-up as they would both be struggling against bad guys and without access to the power, toys, money and government backing that Iron Man enjoys.  It would be a little more gritty and there would be more for Spidey and less for Captain America.  In the current setup, Iron Man shows up and saves the day, and if need be he brings all of the cavalry and the government military so Spidey's role can easily be eclipsed in terms of firepower.

Honestly they got a good gig going with Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr. and Marisa Tomei but deep down I still feel the original movie series presented fans with a truer and more enjoyable Spiderman adventure.  After more than a decade, Tobey Maguire as Spiderman is not as shiny or new as Tom Holland's but dramatically speaking his films are standing the test of fans viewing his movies over and over and the very first movie still beats the new movie hands down.

Everyone is swept up in the new Spider-Man fever and it's an exciting movie, bigger budget, better FX and better cinematography, for a two hour action movie that's basically all that is needed to outgun the previous entry.  My favorite Spider-Man was Andrew Garfield and in no small measure owing to the acting skills of the boy under the mask it was also due in great part of the intense chemistry and interplay with Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy.  Together they had a chemistry that rivaled the Maguire and Dunset duet.

Nahhhh to all the bubbas thumbing down the new movie, this Tom Holland Spider-Man is the best one yet, it really winds up the adventure and story, congrats to the new team for carrying on the successes of its predecessors.  And you Spider-Man Been Around The Track video?  Incredible piece of editing and commentary.  Loved it even though you already have made quite a few good ones before, this one caught me by surprise.

is the production team's selection of Michael Keaton as Vulture.  He adds a new level of sinister to the less credible villains Spiderman (Andrew Garfield) faced off in the most recent entries.  Keaton is good as an actor in any movie and his presence in Spider-Man makes it (the bad guy) less campy and more imposing.

@Robert.Z-1991 I am completely in agreement with your assessment too bad it wasnt a Spider-Man versus an old aging Batman with Michael Keaton, am sure Warner Brothers and DC Comics would have serious disagreements since they are exploiting the Batman versus good guy Superman storyline and may do so in a future reboot.  Would have kick ass though.  Michael Keaton does make a very good villain which ought to cheer up the heart of The Joker.

Every superhero needs a strong anchor; the Martha Kent to Clark/Kent aka Superman, Alfred to Bruce Wayne, Uncle Ben to Spiderman.  Guess what Uncle Ben is missing from this chapter and LMAO Tony Stark/Iron Mark makes a horrible substitute father figure and a bad mentor at worst - so it's fun watching this new take on Spider-Man, lots of fun.

Went to see the new Spider-Man movie, had fun at the movies, but went home pining for the Garfield/Stone love angle and tension.  I miss it and wished they had continued with the previous cast in this new chapter.  Oh well, I am not sure if I would be up for the sequel when it rolls out.

Despite two hot chicks on this go-around, Peter Parker is so inexperienced he loses the interest of not one but two hot babes, sheesh that's the only way Hollywood film producers, directors and writers know how to convey superhero altruism and genuine dedication to saving their fellow city dwellers and the world.  LMAO! Isnt this guy supposed to epitomize the essence of street wise, shrewd and knows his way around one of the toughest corners of the world?  Hollywood producers need to yank their enlightened ass out of their California asses and come live around this place for a little while.

You mean Hollywood moviemakers are essentially  FA*S  and a**holes?  Those are the two flavors of Light and Darkness they preach.  Our friend @Delon_beatz just discovered the local religion, Yen and Zen of this place.

Since when does Marvel make serious superhero movies?  And of the entire lot Spider-Man is the most prized candidate to spin yarns for lollipop suckers.  I am waiting on the big heavy this year, Justice League, and it's a sure bet it's all screwed up by studio execs re-editing and re-tailoring the story and original "smooth" vision of Snyder to the latest expectations of Box Office trendy trends.