This is The End


In 2013 Columbia Pictures released the independently produced This is The End with James Franco leading a host of Hollywood talent in a spoof of Irwin Allen disaster movies.

This is The End of course was hoping to capitalize on both James Franco's popularity from the Spider-Man series, his recent role in the new Oz movie and the much hyped Mayan Calendar End of All Times spasm that was anticipated in 2013 - some dubbed the year as either the end of Humanity or a new beginning.
Let's hope they weren't referring to the New Beginning from Star Wars Chapter IV since Disney and J.J Abrams are currently working on Chapter 7 in addition to Abrams helming production on the new installment of Star Trek.
Will both movies pan out as far as quality and box office receipts? We'll find out shortly so stay tuned and the floor is open for your comments.
Originally published on Nov 2, 2014
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