Has Toshiba Dropped AMD from its Satellite Product Line?

For years now Toshiba has been offering consumers the advantage of owning either an Intel or AMD-based laptop and notebook platforms, both at extremely competitive price points and with the AMD processors leading the lower end price range yet promising an extremely effective product line with powerful packages under the Satellite line of laptops.  Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is the only other major processor (CPU) in competition with Intel.
Our own offices field a multitude of Toshiba models using AMD A-10 processors, which are the top end of the product line (other AMD cores include A-4 through A-8) and while AMD is considered somewhat less powerful than the Intel i3 through i7 line, the AMD A-10 Toshiba has reliably supported our use of Adobe CS software, a highly demanding multi-core application that is graphic intensive - with very few instances of crashes and stalls to be considered problematic.  However we will note that our Toshiba laptops are relatively new models and are maintained conscientiously for peak performance.
A couple of weeks ago, with the holidays shopping window on the horizon, our procurement manager along with a line editor were canvassing the market for the latest in technology and gadgets, both for an editorial follow-up and for potentially updating our own systems, and we noted that Toshiba's AMD line was available at a very small number of online outlets, mostly UK-based retailers.
When our staff reviewed Toshiba's own North American website, the Satellite line of laptops (which was primarily the AMD-powered line) was nowhere to be found.  We checked and double checked.  No AMD laptops and no Satellite laptops.  Only Protege and Tecra and these are powered up by Intel's line of micro processors.
On December 15th, we contacted Toshiba's media relations officers and requested a clarification on the notably missing AMD processors.  No response was provided.  We contacted a second set of business executives at Toshiba's Business Solutions division and there was also no response.  To this date Toshiba is silent on our request for information and on this matter.
We canvassed the web for any announcements from Toshiba on this product line change but we couldn't find any press releases from Toshiba corporate or any of their consumer electronics and industrial divisions that would address this issue.
If Toshiba has in effect discontinued its Satellite product line and all AMD processors it would be a significant blow to AMD and quite an impact on the choices available to the consumer and small business owners.  And Toshiba being a major market player in laptop products, their action would not go unnoticed by consumers that shop other major brands carrying AMD processors.
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Toshiba has never really parlayed its power in the US, they limited their offerings to laptops and found ways to greatly cut costs  and price compared to Dell, IBM and HP.  And now they are phasing out AMD from their product lines?  Lenovo may outflank them as they continue issuing laptops with AMD.

It's the best laptop brand in my book, I tried it while attending college and ever since Toshiba has been the only laptop maker I go for when shopping for a new model.  I have a Satellite AMD right now and have not tried any of the new ones.  I hope they keep making higher quality laptops while keeping the price competitive which is the reason it's my favorite in the first place.

I am not as tech oriented as Iron Man but it seems to me for a chunk more of $$$ Toshiba has more tech under the hood and is going high performance.  Perhaps it's a move in the right direction.  Maybe AMD needs to improve their processors design?